Thursday, May 12, 2005

Chanel - The Eternal Classic

I have never quite understood the allure of the House of Chanel until recently.

Call it ignorance or naivete if you will, but Chanel had always conjured up images of marmish woman in shoulder-padded power suits (a la the 80s) for me.

I guess my interest in Chanel first started with the launch of their Cambon Ligne line last year. The bags were interesting, but I still held back from investing in one as I wasn't sure if a Cambon Ligne was what I wanted.

It wasn't till I saw Ashley Olsen with a black Cerf tote that I visited the Chanel store in Singapore. There I saw the 2.55 for the first time and maybe, just being a few months wiser and with a better sense of style, I finally understood the appeal of the 2.55

So now, I am the proud owner of my very first 2.55.

Mdm Coco Chanel - a stylish woman ahead of her times.

A picture of my red 2.55!!

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