Friday, June 10, 2005

Portable intelligence.

Samsung Q30 red

Is this love at first sight?

I don't know why but it seems like manufacturers think that women will only buy an electronic gadget if it is in pink or red. Well, I am attracted to the Samsung Q30, not because I detest the silver version it also comes in, but simply because the red is more striking to me.

For someone who has to lug around a monster of a laptop when I go on duty travel(3kg!!), owning a slim, large-screen laptop has always been a fantasy for me. Now that I have business bags sturdy enough to tote a spiffy laptop in (think the Chanel Cerf-thanks to the Boyfriend ^-^), I feel a strong desire to find an equally light-weight laptop to work on in style.

Or how about the Apple Powerbook?

Steve Jobs has done an excellent job revitalising the company whose name is now synonymous with artistry in engineering and excellent product design (think the iPod and the iBook), I also find the 15-inch Powerbook pushing my "want" buttons

Apple Powerbook with 15-inch screen

I can imagine myself working at an alfresco joint, soaking in the Californian sunshine and nursing a venti-sized latte while blogging on this machine.
What is it about the appeal of apple laptops to people in the graphics industry as well as writers? Ever notice how most of them are faithful users of Apple machines as compared to those operating on Windows XP? Just for the record, articles in this blog thus far have been created on a boring black Dell latitude machine that would kill a newborn kitten if I were to drop my laptop on it. Though the operating systems may soon be a moot point as Steve Jobs has announced that Apple will be putting in pentium chips inside its machines soon - that means the Powerbook in the near future may very well be running Windows XP.

In my own opinion, Apple products have become more of a lifestyle statement, rather than just a utilitarian electronic gadget, because of its perennial appeal to a niche crowd, the so-termed "artistic" crowd. People like architects, graphic designers, writers, artists all swear allegiance to their Apples. Not necessarily because Apple machines have more computing horsepower, but their appeal to such a niche and avant-garde crowd lends it street cred.

Maybe this Christmas?


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