Monday, November 21, 2005

This Never Happened Before

Well, at least not in SoCal anyway, where the folks are the friendliest you'll ever find.

I am referring to the frenzy that occured during the opening of two H&M (Hennes and Mauritz)stores in San Francisco's Bay area on the 19th Novemember. Besides the fact that this was THE Swedish high-street conglomerate with its design-for-all credo, what got most female shoppers hyperventilating was a golden opportunity for them to pick up some Stella McCartney pieces at a fraction of how much they usually retail for in her boutique.

This is the second time that the fashion juggernaut has collaborated with a high-profile fashion design, its first collaboration being with Chanel doyen, Karl Lagerfeld for its holiday collection last year.

The female progeny of Beatle Sir Paul McCartney has rehashed some of the iconic pieces/silhouette from her past designer collections, such as an over-sized trench, ankle-zip skinny jeans, gem-coloured dresses and a silk knitted blouson. The latter is probably the most popular item state-side in her H&M collaboration as it was released exclusively to two stores in New York.

Some pieces from her H&M collection; (clockwise from top left: ankle-zip skinny jeans with silk cami and jacket; silk teal dress; blue silk jumper; black over-sized trench; blue wrap dress over skinny jeans; the piece de resistance - silk knitted blouson with boots; all pictures from

Barely two days ago on the 17th of Novemember, the debut of Stella's H&M collection in London caused a stampede as female shoppers formed lines to get into the stores. Once in, pandemonium enthused as shoppers fought with each other to get a chance to purchase a piece of her collection at high-street prices. Within hours of the collection debut, the items had also made their way onto Ebay as several people auctioned off the items at several times the H&M retail price.

Shoppers fighting to get into the London H&M stores; the "Sold-out" sign appearing hours with the collection's debut; pictures from

The same chaotic scene replayed itself across the pond on the opening of the two H&M stores in downtown Frisco. Lines formed round the block and the popular pieces were sold out within minutes. Expect also, to see them surface on EBay.

Hype aside, I really love what Stella has done in this one-off collaboration with H&M. Designer clothes at cheap prices - now who can refuse that? The rarity and the look of these clothes makes them really appealing. I will be driving up to San Francisco during the Thanksgiving holidays, and I am really hoping to purchase a few items for myself at H&M. Sadly, I'm thinking that all the popular pieces may be sold out by then, but I am keeping my fingers crossed. I really want to get myself a pair of her skinny jeans, the jumpsuit, the wrap-dress..well it seems like whatever I can get my hands on!

Fashion Chaos and Creation in the Backyard indeed!


Angie said...

u are alive! i read abt the hype on stella mccartneyss collaboration with H&M. saw the catalog on the webbie.. love some of the jeans and skirts.. wish i could lay my hands on them. argh!!!

PrincessImp said...

Yea, I know it's been a while!
I be going up to Frisco..will update on my "spoils of war" once I am back.
Not very hopeful though....

Ran said...

OMG!The hype over Stellas clothes has been massive here in Sweden. The clothes was sold out everywhere and later seen overpriced at internet auctions. But I actually managed to find a silk blouse when H&M once again released some clothes for sale online today.

Angie said...

The clothes are available online? geez.. shall go check it out...