Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Shoes vs Bags

Courtesy of jakandjil.com

I have always been very much a bag girl.
In fact, it was while googling for bags one night, that led me to The Fashion Spot, that led me to become infatuated with fashion.
So you can pretty much say that bags were my primer into fashion-proper.

Yet lately, (I think this pretty much started mid last year?) I have become obsessed with shoes.
I don’t know if this is because of the proliferation of websites like Yoox and eBay, where designer shoes can be found at discounted prices (though this may not be so true for Yoox now with the greenback’s ups and downs and eBay is pretty much a caveat emptor case.), or is it because shoe designs have become a little more outrageous, a little more architectural, a little more interesting with every passing season, which me likey!

I suspect that it’s more likely the latter and shoe “porn” sites like Jak&Jil, are not helping me curb this fascination. ;)

I tend to pay more for bags, instead of shoes as I used to feel that bags are a sound investment versus shoes which get “devalued” the moment they are worn. But perhaps this is not the proper way to look at things, as now I feel that the trippy feeling that the “right” pair of shoes can impart is pretty much incomparable and so is the confidence that it gives me. This is not a reason however for me to go on an indiscriminate buying spree, but I do see this current mentality as natural evolution of my style.

As for my bags, I still love them very much (Geez, I talk about them like they are my kids!) but the time for growing my bag collection has passed. I’m extremely happy and contented with the bags I have now and don’t foresee purchasing another new one in the near future, unless of course the Birkin of my dreams comes my way! ;)


deep_in_vogue said...

I think this is a very interesting point of view you have. I come from a completely different place when it comes to bags and shoes. I can spend 500 euros on a pair of shoes. And then buy another pair of shoes for that price, and another. But I could only justify to myself one bag for that price. The perfect bag (2.55 of course) and nothing else. Because one classic bag can be matched to anything, whereas you NEED more than one pair of shoes. You need sandals, and boots, and heels. And they each need to be quality items.. goodness I'm babbling, hope you followed my train of thought..

PrincessImp. said...

I understand where you are coming from...unfortunately for my bank account I seem to going in the same direction with regards to my shoes. I was always very much a bag girl, but then the recent sky-high prices vs the lack of quality in some bag brands and the lack of innovation, have really dampened my enthusiasm for bags somewhat. Then shoes started to replace that extra touch in my outfits that I always look to my bags to provide and I was willing to pay more as I'm loving the direction shoe-design is taking.. as well as the comfort factor... Gosh I'm a babbler too! :)