Monday, January 12, 2009

A list of random things


Phillip Lim cardigan, AA white tank, Zara drop-crotch pants, Marni shoes
  • Outfit post of the day: It was time to bring out the sandals again, it's been averaging 85 degrees or more in SoCal lately - what the? I'm not ready for summer yet, I still want to spend more time with my boots!
  • But it might be time for a pedi.
  • Sexy Beijing - I found this website courtesy of the girls from Fashion Nation. For those of you who have ever wondered how life is like in today's Beijing, this website is definitely worth a visit. My favourite part of the website is a section named Sexy Beijing, which contains short video clips hosted by American Anna Sophie Lowenberg as she chronicles her thoughts on love and relationships in Beijing, a la Carrie Bradshaw. The clips even begin with a melody and opening reminiscent of Sex In The City, and Anna Sophie even does a "Carrie Bradshaw" every now and then with scenes where her thoughts are voiced over as she purses her lips in front of her laptop. The episode "Lost In Translation" is a scream as she interviews Chinese people on the streets what their English names are, only to be meant with puzzling answers like Frog, Samanfar and Smacker.
  • Net-a-porter is offering a further 20% off their sale items with the code "WINTERUSA", good till January 18th. On the same note, The Outnet is suppose to be the outlet outpost for NAP, where past-season offerings will be stashed. Might be a good time to sign up for the email list now to be sure you are not missing out on anything.
  • Chinese New Year is approaching (26th January), but the lack of festivities here is putting a damper on my mood.
  • I love shiny things like a magpie.
  • I love writing like this without any need for continuity.


Andrea. said...

Yes I see what you mean. =)
You really found those at zara? I think I'll be keeping an eye from now on when I go there ^^
(and the love the outfit.)

Mark said...

I had to come get more details! :p Shoes are even better now that I've seen the 3/4 side angle. It got hot in NorCal, too... ugh.


Nina (femme rationale) said...

i love this outfit so much. it's so simple - pants, tee, cardi - but the subtle details totally take it to the next level. you always look so fabulous!

Amy (Shades-of-Black) said...

LOVE that cardigan!

Dominica said...

OMG ! I was just telling my friend yesterday I wanted to get me some drop-crotch pants from Zara ...I've tried them on in a silky blue...
Looked better on me than the PVC American Outfitter leggings, they didn't rock (for me at least) Maybe I'll just have to accept I'm almost 2X 20 pretty soon !!
And lucky you, to bring out the for us, after 2 weeks of bitter cold, we're into the rain again...but hey, doesn't sunshine always come after the rain ??

Legyviel said...

Love Marni sandals... On the other hand, I dont think I'll be able to wear sandals for a few months yet... The Outnet sounds good!

Belowen said...

I want your cardigaaaaan!!! <33 B

Alice said...

thanks a lot! i really love that phillip lim cardigan and the pants. you have the best clothes!

diane said...

Thanks for the coupon code, that's one that got by me. Cheers.

it's Fashion Fever said...

Thanks for the comment sweetie :)

PrincessImp. said...

Thanks everyone for your very kind comments!

Andrea - yes, the pants are from Zara, got them around Oct 08? But I saw a second batch in the shops around Dec..they do seem to have other drop-crotch designs on the racks too.

Dominica - well, I could never rock scarves the way you could! I have learnt to embrace the heat for now, hardly things will return to normal next week!

Belowen - how about I trade this cardigan for your gorgeous wedding dress ;)

Vanna said...

I keep trying to give you more Karma on tFS but I've run out! You're always looking so fabulous. I love what you do with black. Texture, layering, you always look great. Hope the new year is going fantastically for you! Started school yet?

Brook and Lyn said...

I should have grab that cardigan when it came out...I will forever kick myself for that...who else does a cashmere moto cardigan with just the right amount of metal.