Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Grey Areas

It was time for a new header since Spring is coming..what do you guys think?


H&M grey leopard scarf, AA long cardigan, Collier de Chien bracelet, Elizabeth & James t-shirt dress, AA black eel leggings, Bakersshoes heels

I was a little under-dressed today, it was much colder than I expected. Nevertheless I felt an urge to wear this grey leopard print scarf which I've had since last summer. These Baker Shoes heels are my cheapo answer to the Ann Demeulemeester lace up sandal booties for this summer, till I can find it in me to spare the cash.

I might be a couple of days late, but I absolutely love these shoes that were used for the Prada F/W 09 runway:


The shoes are a little steampunk - the extensions from the shoes remind me of a pair of mechanical wings. I'm absolutely taken with the idea of winged feet and I imagine that this will be something a female Hermes will wear. These shoes are such a contradiction, the "wings" seem frivolous, but yet appear to be like feet armor that will empower its wearer. If I could buy one pair of shoes for Fall, one of the above pairs will definitely be my top choice!


Nina (femme rationale) said...

1. love the new header!
2. the scarf goes really makes this outfit. loving the cool greys.
3. i've been eyeing those shoes on bakers.com and was so skeptical at how they would look on. you've convinced me that now i have to have them.
4. and speaking of jermes...is that an hermes cuff on your wrist?

kaitlyn said...

those shoes are OUT of control. i LOVE them. i want the red ones. =] love your blog!

Raych said...

New header is siiick.

I'm in the minority and also loveeee the Prada shoes!

Your Bakers do NOT look like Bakers. I love them!

Elizabeth said...

i love the new hearder and your leaopard print scarf! :]

eunicena said...

oh my! i love the shoes you're wearing..
love love love..

The Divinitus said...

The header is very retro which I like as I'm generally into things designed between 30-70's. This time bracket always give me the specific chill: seems so far ago but not really, I remember 70's myself, and I knew ppl from the other. At some point I was actually using original Bauhaus-y products :) All it together makes me a part of this 'mysterious' time.

La Couturier said...

I adore the outfit, as usual! and those prada shoes are quite different! I'm not sure if I love them or don't care for them yet... haha!

La C.

Sol said...

That would make the perfect autumn outfit. Hope you don't mind if attempt to copy it a few months from now...

Saraa said...

Love the scarf =)

Shelly's Style Shop said...

Your outfit is great! I love the scarf! I also like the new header.

xoxo, Shelly

La Fée said...

LOVE the shoes, and your header is really nice :)
I still need to make one!!

Denise said...

i love your shoes.

the prada shoes is a lot!. hihi

Danz said...

This outfit is so cool! Love all the pieces and the colours you're wearing. I wish I had shapely legs like yours. You look fab!
Those Prada shoes are crazy...so crazy I actually might like them!
p.s love the new header. very cool ;)

PrincessImp. said...

Nina - good eye. yes, my cuff is the CDC from Hermes.

kaitlyn - get in line, I want the red ones too! ;) Actually I think I'll happily settle for the mustard ones, it reminds me of dulled gold armor..

Raych - good to see another person loving the shoes!

Elizabeth - thanks <3

eunicena - thanks for the props on the shoes...I got them on super-sale so now I really feel like they are a great buy!

D - exactly, I liked the vibe the header was giving, retro but a little..hmm, off? And I loved how you summed up the 30s-70s...that era, especially after WWII onwards was so strange, with the cold war,the nuclear testing, area 51..contrasting with America's growth into a super-power....

La C, Sol, Saraa, La Fee - good to see you

Denise - hihi back ;)

Danz - haha your comments make me blush! it's the black tights, that's all!

hanna said...

you look so cute! and comfy :D

my oh my, those shoews are FEIRCEEE

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Oh this is such a LOVELY casual outfit!

Stay Beauty!!!!