Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ann Demeulemeester S/S 09 lace up boots

I am back!

So what else could have been keeping me away from all of you guys? Well, unfortunately it's work again! :S I definitely won't be missing the crazy corporate life and back to back full-day meetings once I am back in school.

Thank you every one for your comments, tags and awards. I will be getting to them in my next post and I will be responding to comments as well, especially for those who have asked me questions via comments.

Remember my wishlist from a previous post?

I finally took the plunge and got the Ann Demeulemeester lace up boots for summer. I am amazed at how comfortable they are, despite them being 4-inchers.. I could imagine walking around New York all day in them. (Yes I am just back from New York and already I am scheming about how to get back!)

Here's a picture of me wearing them for the first time:
Ann Demeulemeester lace up boots S/S 09

Wearing Zara blazer, Forever21 sweater, Elizabeth & James pants, Ann Demeulemeester lace up boots and yes finally doing the camera-in-the-dressing-room-thing.
Expect to see a lot of them in upcoming outfit posts... I can already feel an obsession beginning, much like how it was with the F/w 08 triple lace up boots.

All right I am off to catch up on my sleep and will be back soon with more!


Mona said...

Hello, it's Mona from tfs...Great blog!

I love how your styled your Ann Ds.

Are those E&J pants the Harem Parachute Pants from this season? I've seen them at NMs, but thought they looked too short. I love the length on you. If you don't mind me asking, how tall are you? Thanks!

Girl Interrupted said...

Yay! You're back :)

Love those boots! ... actually, love that whole outfit!

i heart fashion said...

Wow love your shoes x

Dominica said...

Love indeed the whole look...been thinking about that kind of jacket too ...Stella McCartney kinda look ...saw similar jacket in Paris in Zara window display ...love at first sight !
Boots are to die for - bought a scarabee brooch a few weeks ago..my first ever 'achat' at Ann D. !!
Did you see her white waistcoat with beads for woman yet ??
I'm so in love with that but cried when I heard the pricetag !!

diane said...

I love your shoes and jacket, they're both such strong pieces. I couldn't help but notice how clean your room is. My room looked like a bomb went off when I got back from va-ca.

Sol said...

oh.. the Ann Ds *sigh*
they look perfect on you! really really cool with the rolled up cuffs.
the blazer has such a nice shape!

Alice said...

ahh i should try them on too! i know i'll never own them, so i might as well feel the glory in trying them on!

Hanh said...

yah, you back! Love the Ann D boots!

Legyviel said...

Yum! They grew on me once they got so much attention at TFS. very cool! love Zara blazer too.

Nina (femme rationale) said...

you're back! :) i'm so jealous of you and ur ann d. boots! these are to die for.

tasteofvogue.com Martyna said...

i like your jacket:)

Velony said...

We're shoe twins. Lol.
I ordered those boots a couple of days ago. I had to get half a size smaller though because antonioli only had 37.5 in. I hope they'll fit me as I'm sometimes between sizes. They were completely sold out at first but they must have gotten a return so I just had to order them immediately.

The whole outfit including the boots is fab!

Love your NYC pics too btw.



Fashion Is Poison said...

perfect outfit :)

the blazer looks amazing

PrincessImp. said...

Hi Mona, welcome to my blog! :D
The E&J pants are not from this season though..I think they are a couple of seasons old and they have a few zippers on the pocket area. They are a bit long on me, but I do not know what the inseam is. I just cuffed them up... I'm 5'4".

GirlInterrupted - yes I am back and I have yet to thank you for the very lovely award yet! Thank you and I will be "dropping by" soon :D

iheartfashion - thanks :)

Dominica - the jacket is indeed from Zara..it came with a brown string as a belt which i removed. I love it's white/light gray colour. I think I know which brooch you are talking about..it's gorgeous and I am sure it will look fantastic on you! I love her beaded tops too but the price tag is like woah! 0_o

diane - ha, thanks! Unfortunately this picture wasn't taken in my room, it's actually taken at a changing room in H&M. KL(my husband) laughed when he saw your comment because he believes clean is the last word anyone would use to describe our room! ;)

Sol - the Ann Ds look perfect on me because THEY are perfect, not me :P :)

Alice - yes you should! You'll never know what happens....

Hanh -thanks for the warm welcome! And I am going to find a good time to sit down in a corner with a cup of tea to savour all your posts that I have missed.

Legyviel - I have had my eyes on them since seeing the pictures on style.com. I'm glad that I took the plunge...they will be a good basic for summer!

Nina! *waves!* I'm jealous of your hair, so I guess we are even now ;)

Martyna - thank you!

Velony - yes we are! I also sized down for these boots as well. I'm usually a size 38.5 but got these in a size 38 and they fit perfectly, so I think you'll be fine!

Lucrecia - thanks babe,that means a lot coming from you :D

phamzy said...

love those laced up boots!

i often do phototaking in the dressing room especially if the clothes are pricey!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Divinitus said...

Yay, you are back! Its boring w/o you. What a cute Zara blazer...

kokopuff said...

glad you had fun in nyc! must try those tako yaki, they sound delicious. i love those ann d.'s! first jane aldridge, then lucrecia, now you! you are all making me very jealous! :-)

♥Jozee said...

Yes. Absolutely jealous. Those shoes are amazing. Also, looks great with your outfit there.

Emilia said...

your outfit is stunnig!
i love the jacket and the shoes, great!:)

PrincessImp. said...

phamzy - thanks! This was my first photo in a changing room ;)

The Divinitus - awwww, thanks. Sometimes work can get overwhelming and all you want to do at the end of the day is just veg out and stay away from the computer...

kokopuff - well, I am jealous of some of your pieces as well, so I guess we are even :D

Jozee & Emilia - thank you both for stopping by!

Amee said...

Love the white Zara blazer! I don't remember seeing it at my Zara :( Ohh the infamous Ann D's...I need to take that plunge as well. :) Love the whole outfit.

Nancy said...

I'm so envious! Those Ann D boots are beautiful! Enjoy them!

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

OMG *** OMG ...

You have a fabulous outfit and I had to smile about
your "... finally doung the camera.in-the-dressing-room-thing" ;)

Stay Beauty and have a sunny happy day!


chekka cuomova said...

omg it's so great to see you get one of your wishlist!! perfect choice! that Ann Ds are seriously to-die-for. ;D

Belowen said...

Hi beautiful! I'm after some insider trading on Singapore... I'm going there for a girls trip in October... Any ideas on what I can organise for my friend's birthday one night? Lots of love!
<33 B

( also, shopping tips would be appreciated! although my co-worker told me i'll be too tall for all of the clothes :( )

Maggie said...

This is my 1st visit to ur blog n enjoy looking all the beautiful pics! Ur jacket's awesome n those Ann D boots r truly TDF!! I would link u one day if i start my own blog!! :D

Maurenice@ Heights of fashion said...

ANN D;s sooooo sooooo in love! Are u living in NYC? We should meet up and go shopping!


Check us out!


kaitlyn said...

the rick owens jacket looks way too amaaazing.

solitaryraven said...

Wow! Very nice!

I was just checking out those Ann D's and wanted to know how the sizing for these run and I got led to your blog from google! :P

I love Ann D!!

PrincessImp. said...

Maggie - thanks for stopping by. I can't comment on your chictopia page but I love your sense of style! You wear your pieces so well! Hmm.. are you from Singapore?

Maurenice - Awww, thanks for the offer, you are so sweet. But nope I don't live in NYC, I'm living in Southern California :)

kaitlyn - thanks, though I would really use that adjective on you.

solitary raven - I'm a fan of Ann D too...the lace up boots run half a size smaller, I got a size 38, usually I'm a size 38.5

jules said...

really like neutral palette and the blazer looks great

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The Fashion Bible said...

I will kill for those boots!!!! They are hot!

Anonymous said...

Great sense of aesthetic :)