Monday, April 06, 2009

Philadelphia part II - Hello! Fashion: Kansai Yamamoto and R.Mutt

I had the opportunity to catch the Kansai Yamamoto exhibition while I was in Philadelphia.

Kansai Yamamoto's designs are usually exuberant, theatrical and over the top, compared to the austere designs produced by other Japanese designers like Yohji Yamamoto, Rei Kawakubo and Issey Miyake. Comparatively, Kansai Yamamoto's liberal use of Kabuki prints can seem distracting. Still there's something about all this flamboyance that makes this exhibition such an interesting visit.

Playsuit with arm guards, leg guards and hood:


Cape with bodysuit and clogs (how spectacular is the cape?):


Dresses with appliques (strangely I can see myself wearing either dress today!):


Long coat (I love its kimono inspiration and this was first modeled in the year of the Tiger, hence the tiger image on it. The coat also has the kanji characters for tiger and Kansai on it.):


And the most spectacular Kansai Yamamoto piece - the circular cape, pants and clogs:


There ares also other Kansai Yamamoto creations and another collection of pieces by Yohji Yamamoto, Rei Kawakubo and Issey Miyake in the exhibition which I have not shown. I strongly urge everyone who can, to drop by the Philly museum to view this exhibition for yourself. The last day is on April 31st, I think.

For more information on Kansai Yamamoto's work and his collection, check out his website here.

And look what I found in the museum as well!


I believe this is one of the Fountain replicas which is authorized by Dada-ist Marcel Duchamp. It was certainly a thrill for me to see something which I had studied during high school, in real life.

Next post: New York City!!


Nina (femme rationale) said...

hi! you're back! :)

1) what a seriously cool exhibit.
2) i love your RO jkt and miu miu bag in the previous post.
3) can't wait for NY post!

hope you're loving this gorgeous weather as much as i am! <3

visionaire said...

just love his work and even more so it is being displayed on SCHLAËPPI mannequins!!!

The Divinitus said...

on dada: isn't it thrilling to see a legend?

Eden said...

i first notice Kansai's pieces from a post from Jane of Sea of Shoes-- his pieces are absolutely thought-provoking... not exactly for wearability, but they are what they are... pieces of art on their own right.

i've added you up too!!

much love


Fashionology said...

WOW great exhibition!!! I am going to paris this weekend and will be visiting a fashion museum.. I can;t wait to go there! Love the Duchamp piece! Too bad the real one is gone! <3

Girl Interrupted said...

More cool pics! I wasn't familiar with his work at all so really interesting to see some. And I'd totally wear the sleeveless applique dress.

thischicksgotstyle said...

Thank you for dropping by at my blog!
The black dress you asked about is by Preen. :)
The exhibition looks amazing, Yamamoto's pieces are so awesome to look at! I always wonder what kind of women would wear them.

yara from thischicksgotstyle

Kay said...

Woww, incredible creations

diane said...

I'm with Girl I., that sleeveless applique dress is totally bombshell.
I love the museum in Philly, haven't been in years.

Sol said...

Yamamoto's exhibition looks amazing! Te colors and shapes are incredible.
So glad you posted the Duchamp's Fountain, it's such an iconic piece in the history of art.

Can't wait to see what you were up to in NYC!

PrincessImp. said...

Nina - I am! The sunshine is such a welcome change after the cold rainy days in NY!

leyla - welcome! :) how do you tell where the mannequins are from?

The Divinitus - it certainly is! KL didn't understand my excitement and squeals at all over a, erhm, urinal? ;)

Eden - a lot of Kansai Yamamoto's work is OTT, but I really love to get my hands on his sweaters! Still searching though...I have a soft spot for Japanese designers :)

Fashionology - Paris! I'm envious...enjoy yourself! What happened to the real Duchamp original, do you know?

GirlI, Yara, Kay - hey, thanks for dropping by :)

diane - *waves* nice to see you again:)I really enjoyed the museum in Philly...wish I could be there again!

Sol - stay tuned! NYC post coming soon ;)

Alice said...


and THAT SCARF looks amazing. i've always seen it on etsy only i can't buy it cuz my parents have this thing about buying unnecessary things online :(

can't wait for the next post!!! oh, and i love your all-black outfit. i do that too... it makes me feel so stealth, haha.

PrincessImp. said...

Alice - that scarf is an absolute necessity when I was in NYC. It saved me from freezing my butt off ;)