Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pictorama: A random night out at Irvine Spectrum

First of all, I am extremely honored to show off this lovely award given to me by Hanh:


Hanh is an extremely lovely lady with an impeccable sense of style. Check out her blog here. It's so inspirational and chock full of pictures of her lovely outfits and yummy food, some of which were whipped up by Hanh herself! I love that the blogs that I frequent are featuring food more and more, I confess to be a diehard foodie and I feel that truly great food satisfies not only our palate, but also our eyes!

A pictorama of tonight's event:

I worn: Rick Owens leather jacket, Lanvin t-shirt dress, charcoal gray ribbed socks, Ann Demeulemeester lace-up boots, Chanel baby cabas and Forever21 necklace.
rick owens leather jacket outfit

KL and I went to: Irvine Spectrum
Irvine Spectrum

I lusted over: the 13.3" Macbook Pro from Apple. (hint, hint, KL - I need a laptop for college!)
macbook pro apple 13.3

We drank: A humongonous serving of Wetzel's Pretzels' lemonade. (which I'm convinced is one of the best lemonade ever! I always have to fight KL for this.)

Outside: The Verizon wireless store
verizon wireless store at irvine spectrum

And ate a cheesedog from Wetzel's Pretzels as well.
hotdog cheesedog wetzel's pretzel

Sometimes junk food is just immensely cathartic and the hot, greasy dog hit the spot on this cold night! Yum, yum, yum....

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, everyone! :D


Mark said...

FEEYARCE outfit... and now I wanna hot dog and some lemonade.

-une mandarine

Damsels said...

i love the jacket its amazingng i bet it makes everything look badass
We Were Damselsthnx hope you enjoy yours

The Divinitus said...

I looooooooooove this outfit!!! RO jacket - ahhhh!

A little Princess said...

Ooh, your blog is divine! And I'm very envious of your outfit xoxo

Maggie said...

I adore blogs involved in stylings and foodies too! That is why i really enjoy Hanh's n ur blog a lot with d amazing tastes! Huh, i have yet to action Hanh's tag! That was my 1st, is that all that we nid to action btw?
U look awesome, love everything from head to toe!!

diane said...

Your outfit is epic, the night looks amazing, and now I am totally craving lemonade & a cheese dog, thanks a lot. xo d

Girl Interrupted said...

I agree with the ladies, superb outfit, especially love the necklace!

I want that laptop!!!!

And that cheese dog!!

PrincessImp. said...

Mark - FEEYARCE! Right back at you! :D

Damsels - I'm convinced the RO jacket is magical, it seems to make everything I wear 10x better!

The Divnitius - Thanks, maybe I can trade the RO jacket for some killer pieces of yours ;)

Princess - aww you are so sweet, do stop by more often :)

Maggie - you are awesome too! For Hanh's tag, you need to nominate other bloggers, but I skipped this as I just got the award recently :P

diane - thanks. I am writing this after a long day of working like a dog,and I seriously miss the weekend!

GirlInterrupted - I want that laptop three *gives KL another meaningful glance*

Vanna said...

That cheesedog looks questionable, but delicious! I love that you're wearing Rick/Ann/Chanel and eating that. haha.

aly said...

i liiiiiive here in irvine and was just there yesterday.

love the wetzels pretzels mention ahaha

andrea said...

love the all black outfit

Gisela said...

OMG!! You have everything I want!! lol. The rick owens jacket, the ann d boots and that Lanvin tee shirt dress is amazing! Love how you put it all together, you rock!!

inaya said...

you look fantastic, love.

hope you're well. :)


Eden said...

wetzel's pretzels.. insanely cute name for a food place! hey, i don't mind your food posts. i actually love it a lot.. but yes, i super miss more outfit posts from you! you always seem to have the most fabulous threads.. case in point, the rick owens jacket! now thats yum.:)

much love


Alexander said...
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Alexander said...

I adore this outfit! Especially how the Ann Demeulemeester boots juxtapose with the cut of the dress-tee.

Hanh said...

Thank you girl!!You are so sweet.
I love your Rick Owens jacket. I just bought one in antique gold. I didn't plan to buy gold, when i tried it on my husband love it and bought it for me.;-)
hugs...from Hanh,

OAK williamsburg BLOG said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog! Keep reading! we love yours!

Cecilia said...

Wow, I'm in love with your RO jacket. It looks great on you! That jacket is like my dream jacket! I was planning on getting the Yaya jacket that you had since they are similar. Could you tell me the difference? I know the RO is definitely much better, but is the Yaya a good alternative to someone on a budget? Thanks so much! :D

PrincessImp. said...

V - of course the hot dog is questionable for my diet! But it isss delicious...yum :P

hey aly - not many places to hang around at night in Irvine, do you know of any more?

Gisela - ha, you have so things I want too, maybe we should arrange a trade? ;)

inaya - thanks for dropping by babe. Things are finally working out, and I am looking forward to going back to school :)

Eden - I'll try to ramp up on my outfit posts. I just tried to leave a comment for you on your blog but it doesn't work? I was switching between IE/Mozilla and Safari...

Alexander - thanks! And please come back and visit.

Hanh - I saw the gold RO jacket @Barneys in Vegas! It's such a lovely shade and very versatile, it's more like a polished bronze! Congrats on a fantastic buy or rather gift. I think KL has a lot to learn from your husband ;)

OAK - thanks for stopping by. I love your store :D

Cecilia - I think I should address your questions in an upcoming post. Stay tuned ;)

Petite Esthète said...

oh that rick owens jacket! it haunts my dreams, seriously.

haptronic said...

i am of the opinion that there is no wrong time to have a pretzel dog from wetzels. your post is making me hungry