Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cafe Blanc

I love love love sweets.

cafe blanc

cafe blanc 2

Cakes are probably the most wonderful type of food because not only are they yummy, but they look so beautiful as well. My favourite dessert place in Orange County has got to be Cafe Blanc at Newport Beach. KL calls the plaza it's located in a double trap because Cafe Blanc is right next to a bridal gown shop and I like to go there sometimes to drool at the gowns whenever we stop by. ;)

I believe the shop's run by a Japanese chef and his rendition of French desserts are so delicate, not too sweet and just perfect! Since Easter was just round the corner, Cafe Blanc offered a cute Easter bunny cake which was almost too cute to eat! It was really yummy though with a crisp white chocolate shell with a creamy lilac berry mousse. I almost felt bad destroying the cute bunny cake..but it was too delicious to be missed! The strawberry shortcake on the other hand was light and refreshing, amazingly its cream layer was light and fluffy...perfect fruity desserts on a sunny day! The raspberry gelato that came with the cake was sweet, but not overly so and even had chunks of raspberries inside..see, I am getting my daily servings of fruit!

My camera wasn't with me when we dropped by that day, but I am sure that KL and I will be back again and I intend to take a picture of Cafe Blanc's cake counter...each and every yummy cake that they make looks so perfect and beautiful!

What I wore:
yellow balenciaga
Rick Owens gray leather jacket, H&M leopard scarf, Heimstone silk tank, American Apparel tank, Drop crotch pants from Etsy, Rick Owens mummy wedges, Balenciaga bouton d'or work.

Slowly but surely, I am easing leopard stripes into my outfit and my Rick Owens mummy wedges are the most comfy pair of wedges that I own. Someday I vow to own the ankle boots version as well!


Leah said...

Cakes are such fabulous creations that sometimes I don't want to eat them. But I really like anything sweet.

I love your outfit... the bag is just too fabulous. xoxo

Anonymous said...

I love sweets that aren't too sweet and if I'm ever in your neck of the woods, I'll have to make a point to stop by Cafe Blanc.

Those RO wedges are amazing and the pop of color from your bag really makes your outfit.


Nina said...

Rebecca!!! I so want to steal your Balenciaga bag!

SabinePsynopsis said...

Oh look, a bunny ice-cream! So perfect (and delicious!) for Easter. Love your outfit, especially the leopard scarf!

Sophiemei said...

i love sweet so much!! look so yum and love balenciaga in yellow!

Anonymous said...

I love that balenciaga work!!!!

Julia M said...

Those cakes look amazing! Yum. The wedges are also yum-it's amazing when you find an amazing pair of shoes that are also mega comfy!

nookie said...

yummy yummy!

amazing outfit dear, lovin' the color of the balenciaga bag

Persephone said...

Thanks for coming by my blog! You have some really beautiful things - love the RO wedges.

xx Persephone


Pennerad said...

i like the leopard!
such a casual comfy outfit. you look great. that bag definitely POPS the outfit.

Le Sigh of a Fashionista said...

I love your bag. Such a great pop of color!


cute outfit. i like ;)

Damsels said...

o my god i have never seen somethng so adorable

Sophia said...

ah, i have such a sweet tooth too. i had cake + icem cream last night and woke up this morning with the urge to start off with some cake for b-fast. gah! the desserts here look seriously delish, especially the bunny!

love the pop of colour and print in your outfit. i can't see the rick owens' wedges too well here, but drop crotch + rick owens = winning combo.

pink horrorshow said...

Love love love the pop of neon with the monochromatic outfit!

Also, I'm obsessed with bunnies and that ice-cream is TOO cute.

koko said...

Love that neon color! One of these days I will get my hands on some RO wedge boots!!!

Great outfit :-)

Sydney Shop Girl said...

What beautiful cakes!!

BTW - may I adopt 'drop crotch' from you? I don't think poo cathcher was my best choice of words for that cut.

SSG xxx