Friday, March 12, 2010

Call of the Wild

leopard coat Dries Van Noten Anna Della Russo

I find myself craving a leopard coat lately and the leopard prints seen on the Dries Van Noten F/W 2010 runway sealed the deal for me. I have worn leopard print before but that was always in the form of accessories. The idea of wearing a lush leopard coat against an all black ensemble of jeans and top is getting more and more compelling. The leopard coat will have to be faux fur of course.

P.S. Just realized I goofed oversized sweater in the previous post is leopard print, but it's really more like a grey and black pattern, no?


Julia M said...

These leopard print coats look so sophisticated but so fun at the same time! I think every girl should own one at some point in life..

diane said...

You are so funny, all "I really want leopard" complete with photos, and then "oops, never mind". haha.
There's a photo of Jackie O in a leopard coat that makes me want one every time I see it.

Stephanie said...

me tooooo! Dries was one of my favorite shows! Usually I'm not a leopard lover, but something has changed. Dries changed me, lol.

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Happy friday!

These three ladies looks simply gorgeous!
Have a picture of Kate Moss in my head wearing her
ultimate leopard printes jacket!

Have a lovely weekend ahead!

PrincessImp. said...

Julia - I'm starting to think that way too, especially after the Dries show!

Diane - I still want a leopard coat! Just that I was thinking I don't own any garment in leopard print and then I realized hey my oversized sweater is leopard!

Stephanie - hahahah, yes I think the Dries F/W just pushed me over the edge

TLFT - thanks for stopping by. I think I know which Kate Moss picture you mean though sometimes I guess people refer to it as ocelot???

Dominica said...

I've had a vintage kinda-leopard jacket in my closet for more than 3 years...I never dare to wear it ; it reminds me of a trailer trash-type in a comedy serie they run on telly here.
So I tried wearing leopard through my LV Stephen Sprouse scarf and I'm glad with it. Now being a HUGE DVN fan (addict), I'm saving all my braveness to buy a DVN item next season. We have to line up and be quick, cause Dries opens his new season in shop after a closure of 4 days ; some items are already sold out that first day ! But I can't blame people in being greedy ; his collections are always to die for !

SabinePsynopsis said...

Aren't these 3 ladies just top of the fashion crop? I just love seeing them!