Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sleepless in Seattle

Where did summer go? I blinked and it was gone...I spent most of my summer busy on my internship in LA. The 3-hour (at least!) commute everyday was something that I was definitely not used to, other than that I had a great time interning and learning new stuff!

I went to Seattle last Saturday with KL. The two of us haven't had a proper vacation since...hmmm? Ever? :) This post is going to be filled with pictures, so be prepared!

Seattle by night, as seen from the ferry that KL and I took on our way to Bainbridge Island:
seattle by night

Morning on Bainbridge..KL and I were ecstatic to discover that blackberries and apples were growing all over the island!


What's a trip to Seattle without a visit to Pike Place Market?
pike place market

The very first Starbucks was crowded crowded crowded and the baristas were throwing the customers' cups over to the brewing station once the order was taken. They dropped my cup... -_-;;
first Starbucks store

Anyone knows why there's a pig in Starbucks?
starbucks pig

Speaking of pigs, I made it a point to hunt down the Maximus Minimus food truck after seeing a feature on it on TV. The first thing that I saw as I turned a corner was its cute!
maximus minimus
I love that its license plate says "Some pig"...a reference to Charlotte's Web?

Eating the pulled pork sandwich from Maximus Minimus by the viewing gallery at the Pike Place Market, with ginger lemonade and sweet, tangy slaw:

The pastry counter at Piroshky Piroshky, a Russian bakery at Pike Place Market. It's perpetually crowded whenever we were there, could be because Anthony Bourdain featured it on his show before. KL and I bought a savory chicken, mushroom and rice piroshky to was okay :/
piroshky piroshky

Chowder, seafood bisque and classic clam chowder to be exact, from Pike Place Chowder:

So good in the cold weather that KL and I went back the next day for more!
pike place chowder

Double chocolate gelato from the Chocolate Box is super yums!
chocolate gelato

How cute are the chocolate truffles from Chocolate Box? A milk chocolate bunny and bittersweet dark chocolate lab:
truffle chocolate

A shoot of Seattle's was visited by Ghost Hunters from the Syfy channel do you see anything in the photo??
seattle underground

Vampire killer kit...for the evil type I guess, not the sparkly pretty type :)

The biggest puffer-fish that I have ever seen at the Seattle Aquarium. He swam over to check me out as I was taking his picture!
puffer fish

Random shadow play:
shadow play

Barefooting it all over Seattle in my Vibram Fivefingers.
vibram fivefingers

Space Needle!
seattle space needle

Snoqualmie Falls. KL and I completed a hike at Snoqualmie Pass.
snoqualmie falls waterfall

Loading up on the caffeine. KL says there are always pictures of me eating and drinking on every vacation we take. Fo'sho!

The facade of the Experience Music Project building. Love the colours.

Waiting for my plane to take off....bye bye Seattle!!
seattle airplane



ok i must say i'm :O to see you wearing Vibram Fivefingers shoes... can you please do entire outfit post wearing those? i just can not imagine ... :)

PrincessImp. said...

I only brought my FiveFingers for hiking, but my ratty old black flats gave out on me the first night in Seattle. So I ended up traipsing all over Seattle in them.I might MIGHT tweet an outfit post of me in the FiveFingers while hiking..still thinking as I don't know if I am brave enough to do that. In the meantime, don't try to imagine an outfit post in them, you will be greatly disturbed ;)

Sydney Shop Girl said...

Hi Rebecca!

Lovely to hear from you (via your blog) again.

What awesome photos. The food looks delish.

Glad the internship is done.

I feel for Birkis the way you feel for FiveFingers. My Birkis saved me in Japan this summer. I had to buy a pair in Kyoto because my lightweight shoes were all killing my feet.

Take care

SSG xxx

Nina (Femme Rationale) said...

i've been itching to visit seattle and now your photos are making the itch stronger. i was drooling over your gelato shot. i know, out of all the food shots, it's the ice cream one that gets me. haha

btw, how comfy were the fivefinger shoes? are they sturdy enough to walk all day in an urban environment?

Public Mentor said...

Cool photos:) especially the space theme one...

Julia M said...

I'd love you to do a little review on the 5 finger shoes! I've heard such good things from them, but only on sites that sell them so I'm not sure whether to trust them...I really want a pair though. Possibly in black.
The photo of the pink facade is lovely :)


What a crazy cool truck and the food looks so mouth uhm um good.


Carolyn said...

aw seattle's my city, hope you had a fun time! :)

L in progress said...

i really enjoyed these pictures!!!
thinking of getting some vibrams now!!

Anonymous said...

love posts like this. I see places, food, and outfits (kinda) all in one. Wonderful!