Monday, January 31, 2011

Comme des Garcons


I just find this picture so inspiring. This lady is dressed in head to toe Comme des Garcons and the whole look is just so right on her, black tutu skirt and all.

She's 55 and probably the most stylist nurse that I have ever seen.

Check out more pictures of her outfit here


Yve said...

when i saw this lady's pic in dropsnap i assumed she worked in a creative field!
A nurse rocking CDG and a honey-coloured pixie haircut. Only in Tokyo =)

Wida said...

She definitely is the most stylist nurse! This reminds me of this old white couple I saw eating dinner at this restaurant last night. The woman was wearing a Burberry hat and the man was wearing a Burberry scarf. How cute is that?!

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