Tuesday, March 29, 2005

It's Spring in California

I have followed my boyfriend to California. He's here for work and I am here on vacation. We have been out drinking beer with his colleagues last night and I am just hiding in the room today nursing a hangover. Who ever has a hangover on beer-that only happens to me.

I am a die-hard shopholic and being in California is wonderful for me. I get to make use of all the free shipping and almost all websites ship to California! Bad thing is.. I am now on a hunt for a Chloe Silverado. Damn, those things are sure as slithery as snakes and hard to find. I have made contact with an SA from Chloe NYC, but something went wrong with either my email or hers, because I am not getting the information she said she would send to me. Ah well, that means I have to get up early tomorrow to call her again.

I am a compulsive shopper...no one should trust me with their credit card and my boyfriend knows that REALLY WELL. Of course we respect each other and I would never charge anything to his card without his approval. If not, I would have a hard time explaining the Fendi spy bag that turned up on our doorstep. In case you haven't guessed by now, I am an incorrigible bag-hag. I collect bags as a hobby and let me tell you that is a damn expensive hobby.

Recent purchases includes:
1. Balenciaga white twiggy
2. Balenciaga teal classique
3. Bottega Veneta Origami Hobo
4. Luella Bartly white baby Gisele - not too sure about this one, am intending to auction this off on eBay
5. Chloe Paddington

Wow. Now that I have looked at the list, I realised I probably spent last year's bonus ( and more) away.

But the thrill of owing these babies is unexplainable and it's all thanks to the advice that I picked up from regular postings on theFashionSpot.com. There are bag-experts galore.

Next up on my target list would be:
1. Chloe Silverado - very very difficult..but I relish a challenge
2. Balenciage City Classique in rouge theatre - should I get another balenciaga?
3. Fendi Spy Bag - this I love.

Ok time to get dinner now. A fashionista's still gonna eat.


Megs said...

Wow you are one lucky girl!!! Those bags are to die for, all of them!! Thumbs up!

PrincessImp said...

Thanks! My ultimate target is of course..an Hermes birkin! :D