Friday, August 19, 2005

The mermaid's treasure trove

I am in love with these whimisical creations found on Space Mermaid.

Space Mermaid is a jewellery website set up by LA designer Stephanie Carbone.
Each necklace is inidividually hand-made once an order is placed - customers also have the option of customising their pieces.

Throughout the website, every piece of jewellery is just so cute!

Her bird rings are dramatic pieces, though I think they are best reserved for the night or a special occassion:

I love, love, love her necklace and earrings creations, seems like her designs are inspired by the ocean, by nature and all things magick!

Some of my favourite pieces on her website:

Image Hosted by

There are many many more beautiful pieces on her website!!

She also does international shipping as well, but luckily I am in California right now so I have ordered some of her stuff and it will be delivered to me soon!

I just can't wait!!

P.S. For all my wonderful blog readers, use the coupon code "tree" for her fall preview pieces and you will save 15% upon checkout! If you love wood accessories, this is definitely something to check out!

Pic credits : All images are taken from Space

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Anonymous said...

OMG this is SO Clio Blue... I can't believe it.