Sunday, August 07, 2005

Happy Birthday Singapore

August 9th will mark the 40th year of independence for my home country Singapore.

Besides being a landmark anniversary of sorts, this National Day will also see me away from home in California, where I have been staying for the last month on duty travel. This is not my first time away from home on National Day, but it is especially whimsicial because I am on a cross-roads of sorts in my life. My job requires me to be stationed physically in California and it is highly likely that I may move over as early as January next year.

I am equal parts excited and extra parts torn over my situation. There are so many things to be excited about - a promotion, a new enviroment, not the mention that US is definitely a great place for shopping, both offline and online!! It will definitely be good exposure and I feel that I have grown so much since graduation from college. Travelling to the US constantly has made me more indepedent, mature and I have honed my fashion sense a lot more by all the constant trips to LA! On a more personal level, my boyfriend will also need to move to California for work, so this is really a beneficial, not to mention timely, situation for the both of us.

However this state of affairs also presents a dilemma for me as I will be leaving my family behind, not to mention a way of life that I have been used to for twenty-plus years. However, some things will always be bittersweet and who said change was ever easy? But I also believe that it is also through change that we will better ourselves and I am really to take on the challenges of starting another phase of life in a new place.

When Singapore celebrated its 35th anniversary 5 years ago, I was still a naive undergraduate. Who would have thought that 5 years later, I will be making plans to move overseas? This is definitely an exciting plan for me and one in which I am curious as to how this journey will turn out.

Happy 40th birthday, Singapore. Leaving my home does not mean I will forget, it means that I will cherish you more.
A view of the Singapore business district by night


Anonymous said...

hiiii! i found your blog from TFS, and may i just say your blog is AWESOME! and i'm from singapore too and i love your taste! well, mostly because because we share the same taste LOL! i also wanted to get those bow chloe mocassins but I was in a dilemma over the colours. ah... would be cool if you took a family portrait of all your bags. i love bags and shoes and belts too... sheesh i love accessories anything! alright, keep posting, and put more pictures up! cheers (o;

PrincessImp said...

Thanks and I'm glad you enjoyed the posts!! Do drop by often ^-^

Yanda said...

hi! i found your blog through TFS too! i couldn't remember what's your nick in there already though.

but your blog has really interesting posts! i love reading them and i am going to go to your archives and start from day one later!!

i'm a guy by the way so i hope it's never a sin to be ready in girls magazines and blogs. gee~

anyway i have a blog too!! at !

i will link u up too! it's rare to see a really good singapore blogger anyway.

okay bye!

PrincessImp said...

yanda, thanks for the kind words!! You are definitely welcome at my blog, it's always great to have one more guy who is more appreciate of fashion!

I love your blog, there are tons of interesting pictures there!! ^-^

Do drop by often!