Sunday, August 07, 2005

These shorts are made for wearing

I am absolutely in love with my Johnson shorts.

For those of you not in the know, these shorts are designed by LA designer, Kristen Johnson. They come in three different cuts - the bermuda shorts, the trouser shorts and the most popular (which is also the one that I have) the short-shorts.

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From left: Flat-front trouser shorts; bermuda shorts and the short-shorts (pic from Johnson's website)

These shorts have become very popular since their debut this Spring in LA's boutiques. Part of this could be due to them being on heavy rotation among LA's most-watched starlets like Nicole Richie, Mischa Barton, Lindsay Lohan and shopping queen Mrs Lachey - Jessica Simpson.

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From left: Mischa Barton (pic from; Nicole Richie (pic from; Lindsay Lohan (pic from; in their short-shorts.

From Johnson's website, these shorts are available in versatile tweeds, glammed-up satin or funked-up print fabrics.

I got myself a pair in houndstooth wool with vintage-looking buttons.

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My pair of Johnson shorts!! Pic credit :

I wear a size 27 in jeans most of the time and size 4 fits me perfectly fine. It might be tempting to size up to compensate for what seems like a skimpy piece of clothing, but these shorts really run true to size. The shorts skim your hips rather than cling and does not accentuate any trouble spots of the body (and we all know that most of the time, a woman's trouble spots are her hips and thighs ;)) I really love the fantastic slimming and square cut of my shorts plus it makes my legs look long and toned! Magic!!

These shorts really stand on their own merit, but I guess the free publicity given by being seen on these rail-thin starlets does not hurt this line a single bit. Read this Daily Candy article for more information. There's also another great review in Stylediary on these awesome shorts.

I can see myself wearing these shorts all summer long with flats, sandals and flip-flops. They are even versatile even to be worn into fall with a pair of black leggings and heels, much like Lindsay:

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Pic from

So far, these shorts are available online at However I strongly urge interested readers to buy from other sites - there have been several complaints about shopintuition's service in the past! Satine also carries these online, thought the spring/summer collection is sold out on their site. I got my pair from the auction site You can also email the designer via the johnson website for more information on stockists.

For those who love living in shorts, this is definitely one brand to keep your eyes on! Watch out for the fall collection as the designer introduces more designs in velvet!


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