Sunday, January 15, 2006

Spring Wishlist

My first post for 2006!

(And I know I have been lazy for the past few months - sorry everyone! ;))

Finally the F/W season is coming to an end and spring-summer collections have already debuted on the catwalks several weeks back. I have always been a little confused over the F/W collections, given that every nice ensemble seems to require a nicely-cut jacket and boots and how possible is it to pull that off in sweltering, humid Singapore?

Things are so much easier when it comes to S/S collections. These clothes are made for a hot climate and this translates into wardrobe longevity for a Singaporean like me. The season ahead will be exciting as spring heralds a return back to a more feminine (not girly), polished and elegant look.

Minimalism is slowly making its presence felt on the street, while at the other end of the spectrum, the conflicting trend of lace and romanticism is still going strong. Wedges and platforms seems to be the dominanat footwear of choice in all the collections presented to anchor the soft and diaphanous chiffon creations.

Here a few key pieces that I am lusting for this Spring:

1. Al Fresco Espadrilles by Lulu Guinness

Pic from

In one word, these shoes are really, really cute!
The striped insole, together with the bright red bows invokes a nautical feel and is a perfect remedy to the heavier hues of black and grey from F/W.

2. Fendi B-belt

Pic from

To be honest, I probably have the perfect belt sitting inside my closet waiting for me to use it. I do have a collection of belts that can be worn on the waist or on the hips, so what's the rationale behind wanting another belt yet again?

Nothing, except that I don't have a white belt and that this concoction by Herr Karl is too gorgeous to pass up.

Oh and did I mention that belts are still going strong as an accessory for Spring?

3. Miu Miu shift dress

Pic from

There have been rumours flying around that Miss Miuccia Prada will be the third designer to be brought on board to design a "massclusive" collection for H&M after Karl Lagerfeld and Stella McCartney. If that is true, I can hardly wait, even if it means another mass stampede and jacked-up Ebay prices.

Miu Miu is probably one of the few diffusion lines where I feel equal, if not more, thought has been given to its collections than its main line, in this case, Prada.
This sweet, empired-waist white shift dress is a nod to sixties mod-style. I love the structured volume of this dress, which I feel is a kinder and more forgiving style on most figures than the bubble skirts of F/W. This dress will go perfectly with wedges.

4. Rebecca Taylor swiss-dot chiffon dress

Pic from

This is a lovely vintage piece to throw on. 'Nuff said.

5. Apple MacBook Pro

Pic from

All right, so this is not fashion and it is not a seasonal item, but it's a wishlist, right?

This laptop signifies a computing breakthrough. Intel dual-core chips are used inside an Apple computer. Simply put, think of it as a Windows XP version of the Apple Powerbook, though the question of whether it is possible to run Microsoft's Windows OS on the MacBook Pro is still unanswered. I'll leave that to The Fiancé to find out.

This is such a cool machine to blog on! (And no, that's not being shallow;))

6. Celine Clandestine Bag

Pic from

Ok, I promised The Fiancé no more bags for a gazillion years, but this bag was simply too cute to pass up. (Sorry, baby;))

I never thought that I would like a bag from Celine, but this quirky old-lady creation was too whimisical to pass up, plus the bag just looks so gorgeous on Jessica Stam. Better than an LV or Gucci that's so common on the streets nowadays.

7. Omega Speedmaster

Pic from

My watch is probably the only thing that has remained unchanged for more than five years. I guess this could be due to a weird mentality that I subscribe to that watches should be given as gifts and not purchased for oneself. My dad or my sister has bought every watch that I own and the one which I wear constantly is a Seiko Kinetic which my dad gave me when I was in junior college.

Now that there is another man, ie The Fiancé, in my life, I guess he should know what to get me from my birthday this year right?

Yikes, I can now hear him rolling on the floor clutching his chest in pain.


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nice blog. :) my name is michelle. notice you buy alot of rachel pally. can i please bother you wrt to sizing? do sizes run small? if i'm normally a S, can i take XS for rachel pally since US sizes tend to run abit big for me. thanks heaps for your reply.

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Hi michelle, if you are normally a size S, then yup XS for rachel pally would be right for you :)

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