Monday, May 22, 2006

New life, new beginnings.

What a difference a few months make!

In these past months, I have gotten married, left Singapore and relocated to Orange County, California. On the fashion front, much to the horror of my other half (now my Dear Husband), I have purchased a few more bags and tons more clothes. Which makes him worried to no end about our set-up costs and how we are going to afford a car plus rent and utilities here. I probably have no good answer to that, as I still have a bag or two on my wishlist that I intend to procure ;)

Right now, I am blogging from my office cube in Orange County, California.
This past week has been hectic as I have busy apartment-hunting with Dear Husband.

More updates, once I feel that I can safely blog without having to peep over my shoulder.


insanityiscreativity said...

congrats !!
NO wonder you havent been blogging. Are you gonna post an entry showcasing your new bags?

PrincessImp said...

I'll love to, once my bags are shipped over from Singapore ;)

rachel said...

hihi, just stumbled upon yr site and i must say im really envious =)
am so absolutely in love with yr re issue..any idea whether theres any way of landing myself one esp when its definately not coming to chanel spore

PrincessImp said...

Hi rachel, the re-issues have been introduced by Chanel again for F/W 06. They are available in the same distressed leather in burgundy, bronze, off-white and black. Note that the hardware is silver instead of gold. If Chanel SG doesn't have it, maybe you can try calling the Paris store to see if they ship internationally? Good luck!