Thursday, August 17, 2006

Blog On!!!

Hello everyone, I am finally settling down into a new life in California.

Home is a lovely apartment on top of a hill and every day we will get birds in our patio.
Raccoons will raid our neighbour's cat food at night - my American colleagues find them quite alarming, but coming from Singapore, these critters come across are more cute than pesky to me.

I hope you'll like the new skin that was created for this blog as much as I do! The skin was modified from an original style sheet hosted at Adagio Teas .

Check out the great closet clean-out link at the side-bar. I'm in the midst of editing my closet now and have put out several brand-new/almost brand-new stuff for sale!

Now, back to blogging!


dianabobar said...

that sounds so great!

chris said...

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All the very best,

gilda said...

hello, fellow singaporean. i kinda surfed on in here. i still haven't seen a racoon before. apparently they're fierce. don't let them bite you. :)

Bag Burglar said...

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