Friday, August 18, 2006

Duty-free shopping

For those who are fans of the online luxury website, Net-A-Porter, rejoice!
The website now ships directly from USA, which translates into no duties for those living in the States!
Woo hoo!!!!
Click here to go to their US website.

(P.S. The US website has restocked some Vanessa Bruno and Stella McCartney items which I have been eyeing..hee hee ;))


Queenie said...

Hey!! I am Queenie. Thanks for adding me to your Buddy List.
I am trying to get some shoes from NAP but the shipping is killing me - 30 pounds!! Do you have any idea if it's cheaper direct from US or Vpost?

PrincessImp said...

For Vpost, I think you'll have to pay additional charges to Singpost on top of duties/taxes(5% GST?), so you'll be better off just ordering direct from NAP US. Also they charge USD$55 for shipping for US NAP to Singapore, if that's cheaper than 30pounds, then it's better to order from NAP US.

Queenie said...

Cool! Thanks sweetie.
Please keep your juicy posts coming!

Anonymous said...

At the risk of sounding like a groupie, I;ve to say, what are the odds i stumbled upon ure blog?. I was typed "chanel 2.55" on google images and clicked on one photo that led me here. I'm also a Singaporean gal who moved here a year ago to Pasadena. Anyway, just wanted to say hi :) oh, i'm Avril btw.

PrincessImp said...

Oh my goodness, what a coincidence! It's so strange (but nice) to know that halfway round the world, it's nice to meet a fellow Singaporean! Please come back often - I promise that I will try to update this blog frequently :)

dianabobar said...

love net-a-porter

Belowen said...

Now if only they would open an Australian version... Wishful thinking, I know! Just reading through your blog now (it's Belowen from tfs by the way!), and I love how your focus is buying new bags before focusing on a car or living arrangements.... I am exactly the same... It's normal! lol. xxx B