Monday, December 08, 2008

Meet the family

My kids ;)


Age: Unknown. (I do know how old she is of course, but it’ll be rude to reveal a lady’s age without her consent)

  • Fashion magazines (This I know from the voracious manner in which she literally goes through them, ie chew. She seems to show a penchant for Harper’s Bazaar over Elle though, mainly because of the magazine’s content? No comments on American Vogue.)
  • Jeans, jeans, jeans (Just look at the hem of my JBrands!)
  • Flip-flops


Age: 2 years old in January ’09!

  • Scientific American and Wall Street Journal (The tearing sound just drives him wild. He loves to get his paws on the Victoria Secret’s catalog too, whenever I happen to leave one within his reach.)
  • Cargo pants (He goes for the pockets ;))
  • Sneakers (Oy, my husband has a lot to say about this, especially since Tobey seems to prefer chewing his up!)


Dominica said...

We used to have exactly the same 'hangoortje' rabbit (I don't know the English expression for 'hangoortje' so excuse my French...)
They are so sweet !

Love your blog !!
Take care !

PrincessImp. said...

Do you mean Tobey? He's a Holland lop, the black bunny with the hanging ears.
He's really a bad boy, he has a lot of attitude but I guess he knows he can get away with it because he's so cute;)

Anonymous said...

AWWW..they're so adorable <3
And Tobey has such an adorable fur color and the way he just sits on that carpet would make just about anyone snuggle him !!
bunnies are some of the cutest animals out there, and I bet they're not as furniture obsessed as my chinchilla is..he'll chew ANYTHING