Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A winter-white California.. and Las Vegas

I can’t believe I have been such a S.L.O.B for the past few days!
It’s the year-end break for me now (save for 2 days at work this week), and I have pretty much spent it lazing around at home, playing computer games and watching endless re-runs on TV.

Anyway, about my trip to Las Vegas on the 19th, which I still look back on so fondly :)

The magic really begun on the drive to Vegas from California. Honestly, I find the drive to be dreary most of the time, but this time, the snow blanketing the landscape made everything 10 times more beautiful.

My husband and I stopped at MacDonald’s for lunch:

And then pretty much spent the next half an hour playing in a snow field that we found. Who would have thought that a snow field could exist in Southern California?
I had my first snowfight and made my first snow-man there and got dragged down by my husband into the snow:

Stuck in a rut, literally!

(Okay, I lost!)
I have to say, my Ann Demeulemeester boots held up really well in the snow, my socks didn’t even get wet!

Then it was onwards to Vegas! It wasn't our first trip there, nowadays we just like to drive up to Vegas to escape from work and catch a performance if possible. This time round, it was one of the Cirque du Soleil's shows, Ka. No cameras were allowed inside the theater so I have no pictures. I have to say I was fascinated more by the spectacular revolving stage and costumes, rather than the acrobatics that I saw. And is it so wrong that I was ogling the shoes of one of the villains, because they reminded me so much of the awesome wedges that Stella McCartney showed for her F/W 08 collection?

From cirquedusoleil.com, note the awesome wedge heel on the left.

From style.com

Other than that, there were new attractions (at least to me) to be enjoyed. Mirage revamped their volcano and the Palazzo had this new show where people dressed up as statues to dance at a fountain. There were even swaying trees! :D The shopping at Palazzo was just awesome, there's a Barneys there and the shoe sale was unbelievable! I saw lots of pieces from Balenciaga, Givenchy, Pierre Hardy, Miu Miu, Louboutin and even the aforementioned McCartney wedges at 70% off! But I am proud to say that I did not buy a single pair, and my husband wasn't even around to give me grief! I simply decided that while I liked most of the shoes I saw, they weren't on my "must-have"list in the first place and I should really be saving my money for items on my list, among other things.

As for gambling, I'm afraid to say that Lady Luck wasn't smiling on us. Not only did we not win anything, we actually lost all our gambling principle! Which was a princely sum of $2.. on video poker! ;)

My husband got me a pair of gloves as a Christmas present for our Vegas trip. That was really thoughtful of him because I hate to get my hands cold (maybe that's why I lost the snowball fight?) and this pair is just simply perfect!


Stephanie said...

I saw Ka last year and thought the exact same thing about the shoes and kimono type garb the main bad character wore! I wanted his whole outfit! Did you see any bags on sale at Barneys in Vegas? I'll be there at the end of January and hoping the sales will still be on :)

Stephanie said...

BTW, those gloves are FANTASTIC! Good work husband!

PrincessImp. said...

Hey Stephanie! Funny thing is, I thought the way the villain in KA dressed was kinda McCartney-nesque, you know, kimono-dress, sky-wedges and all that! There were definitely bags on sale at Barneys but they were kind of scattered all over their respective counters and looked pretty sad. I saw some Prada, Lanvin and Givenchy bags on sale, but wasn't really as wowed by it as I was for the shoes sale. For bags, check out Neimans at the Fashion Show mall. Good luck, hope you'll nab a gem when you are there in January! :D

Dominica said...

Adore your gloves ! They look trés chique !!

Vintage Tea said...

OH I went to see the same show when I was in vegas. It was so amazing. I loved it. I loved vegas and can not wait to go back sometime

hope u had a great new year

The Divinitus said...

Las Vegas... special memories, i got married there...