Sunday, February 22, 2009

If I had to choose dream "look" from the recently concluded New York Fashion Week, it would be this dress from the Donna Karan F/W 09 collection.


Donna Karan F/W 09,

I know it's probably austere and subdued..plain even when compared to some of the more standout collections. Cough *Rodarte* cough... but everything about this outfit feels so right to me. In fact this dress is so classic and timeless that it isn't even a F/W outfit at all.. with the right accessories and the sleeves scrunched up, it can be transitioned into the S/S season as well. In fact, it's probably this timelessness and austerity that attracts me to this outfit in particular...if I'm going to splurge nowadays it's probably going to be something that I'll sure will serve me well. Yup, I'm afraid I might have bought into some of the gloom and doom of the recession!

Black. Check.
Draping. Check.
Fit. Check.

Perfect....till Paris Fashion Week anyway ;)


Little Miss Dress Up said...

goodness me! this dress is pure perfection


Nina (femme rationale) said...

such a gorgeous dress. donna karan really does draping like no other. did u know she failed draping in fashion school? kinda ironic, huh? haha

oh, and the DMB video reminds me of working late thru the night, too. except i was working on my art assignments. ah, the memories of being able to get by on 2 hrs of sleep and coffee. LOL