Monday, February 23, 2009

It's a case of the Mondays

Anyone still remember the movie, "Office Space?" ;)
When I first watched the movie, I didn't really get some of the jokes, but then I was a student at that time. Now sadly, I get everything.


Yaya Aflalo vapor leather jacket, Rogan for Target t-shirt, Zucca wool leggings, Marc Jacobs evening sequins bag, H&M heels

I wanted to be really comfortable today so I threw on a lot of my broken-in favorites. My Yaya Aflalo leather jacket which I got because of its Rick Owens vibe. It'll do for now till I can spare the money (post studies!) to get the real deal. My Zucca wool leggings which is incredibly soft and my overwashed Rogan for Target tee which just gets better and better with wear. When I first got it, it was supposed to be a t-shirt dress, but it shrank so much during wash that it became quite indecent to wear it on its own, even though I used cold water and I air-dried it. Still, I love it so much that I wish I had stock up on multiples of it! And I just love how whimsical the MJ bag is..there's a little frog on the clasp and he has pink cute is that?

PS. Anyone caught the Oscars last night? Hugh Jackman's such a great singer/dancer...especially love that impromptu duet between him and Anne Hathway.


Shelly's Style Shop said...

cute the purse!

chauss said...

this is a great look on you! :)
xx chauss

Raych said...

Damn, I love that tee...

I've also been following you for a while on tFS! I didn't know you had a blog now!! Well I knew you had one, but didn't update it much!

Anyways, what part of SoCal are you from? I'm residing in Orange County right now, blah.

Would you like to exchange links? :)

Nina (femme rationale) said...

omg, i am kicking myself for missing out on the rogan tee. and your jkt def. has the rick owens vibe - i love it!

you know...i go on and on about how much i love certain pieces...but honestly, i just LOVE your style. i don't think there's one outfit i didn't like and i seriously covet all your wardrobe pieces and accessories!

oh...and office space is one of my favorite movies. i ran into ron livingston (literally, ran into him) a few months ago and he's REALLY cute in person. cuter, even. and all i could think was, "omg, it's the guy from office space." forget his role as berger...he'll always be "the dude in office space" to me. (i just realized 2 of his most popular roles involved office supplies - red stapler and post-its).

and i just realized i wrote u a book. heh....sorry. :)

The Divinitus said...

oh! this leather jacket reminds me of RO so much that I want it for myself... did you just get it? Perfect.

PrincessImp. said...

Shelly - thanks for stopping by, you are always so sweet!

chauss! Now I feel like a rockstar came to visit ;)

Raych - I'll love to exchange links! Heh, I know I am not the best blogger when it comes to consistency but I am trying! I'm in Orange County too, in the Lake Forest area ;)

Nina - I always appreciate comments, especially interesting ones that always come from you! Sometimes I can't even remember Ron Livingston's real name, and end up referring to him as the "Office Space" guy. One of my friends actually has a red Swingline stapler, which I think is so cool. And can you imagine it took me a while before I realised that Ron Livingston in SATC? Seems ike he has the market cornered on playing awkward sweet guys.

The Divinitus - Thanks! I just got it recently, fron I don't know if the promotion is still on, but you can get 30% off if you open a new account with them! Good luck!

hanna said...

awesome outfit! love the bag on you

MollyCake said...

the bag is amazing. i love serious pieces with silly accents. and the jacket is great. i've been eyeballing the white version for quite some time. looks like it fits like a dream, totally drapey and amazing.

love you blog!

Natida Erin said...

I love your outfit! How much do you love your Yaya Aflalo jacket? I'm also a die-hard fan of Rick Owens but I can't afford to pay that much, so I'm considering getting the Yaya version. Is the leather good?

PrincessImp. said...

Natida, I just saw your comment, so I hope you'll get to see this!
The leather for the Yaya jacket is good, a little stiff but I believe it will break in with wear and some moisturizing lotion. I finally got the RO version though and the feel is totally different ;)