Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Shoes, shoes, shoes!

I have been feeling under the weather for the past two days. So, please excuse me if I haven't replied to some comments and emails yet. I woke up on Tuesday with an inflamed tonsil on the right side of my throat and a slight fever. Hopefully this will go away throat doesn't hurt that much anymore but I can feel a cough developing. Darn, I hate to be ill during summer, especially with a long weekend coming up!

But onto happier things. I was looking through photos taken during my birthday week and those of you who have been looking for a cheaper alternative to the Ann Demeulemeester S/S 09 boots may be interested in the picture below:

Ann Demeulemeester knock off shoes marc jacobs bow sandals lace up boots

The photo was taken in Laguna Beach, but the store was already closed when I took this picture. I couldn't go in to investigate further, but these seem to be under a Jeffery Campbell line called "Limited edition"? These seem really close to the Ann D's and even KL thought that they were the same ones that I had. The best reproduction of the Ann Demeulemeester lace-up boots that I have seen by far! Even the multi-bow sandal next to the Demeulemeester look-a-likes are a decent alternative to the Marc Jacobs bow sandals this season!

A recent acquisition from my Vegas trip:

givenchy cowboy booties

Givenchy s/s 09 booties

I got these on super-sale from a shoe store at Wynn. Love love love the huge zipper running up the boot, plus the cowboy boot details. It's like a bad-ass, shoe-gone-wild version of a cowboy boot, which suits me just fine, given that I always depend on my accessories to add that extra zing to my outfit. They are really comfortable and run true to size...expect to see them featured in an outfit post soon.

And another shoe-porn picture:

rick owens booties dust

Rick Owens S/S 09 multi-strap booties

I call them my mummy (as in Egyptian) boots! They are in the colour dust and the multiple straps remind me of the fabric strips that are wrapped around mummies. The wedges may look deceivingly high and intimidating, but they are really comfortable! I have no problem walking in them!


Anonymous said...

I live in Irvine and I desperately want those Ann D's - might you know the name of the store?

Velony said...

Hi ya,
I'm so jealous of your Givenchy and RO boots. Both have been on my wishlist for a while now. I'd love to see the RO on you because I've never seen them on a foot, I think. So congrats!

The AD knock offs are indeed Jeffrey Campbell. I saw them on another blogger and she said that she got them from LF in NYC.

Alice said...

gorgeous! the rick owens totally look like mummies! good call!

and yep, i saw those jeffrey campbell ann d look-a-likes on cocorosa's blog. they look so similar though! must find them.

PCDE said...

those Rick Owens look heart-stoppingly beautiful. Can't wait to see pics of you wearing them.

PrincessImp. said...

Anon - I'm sorry but I can't remember the name of the store anymore but it's definitely at Laguna beach. If it helps it's on the same block as the art gallery just before BJ Grill. The art gallery faces the beach/boardwalk so walk down from the gallery away from the beach and you'll see the store. Good luck!

Hey Velony, I'll try to grab an outfit post with those mummy wedges soon :D

Alice - Hello! those are the best Ann D knock-offs that I have! Definitely worth checking out!

PCDE - thank you so much for stopping by <3

Brigadeiro said...

Oh, hope you recover 200% soon!

Am in love (and so jealous) with your Ro boots & those Givenchy booties. Absolutely GORGEOUS!

Hanh, Life-in-Travel said...

congrats u!!!
LOVE RICK OWENS ONE, they are so comfy, are they? i deeply love them!

Givenchy one are fab, great choice!! I want that for my shoes collection!!!

hugs...from Hanh

meesh said...

mmmmmmmmm i'll need to hunt down those jeffrey campbell-ann d KO's... thank you! and congrats on the RO boots they are seriously badass and i can't wait to see modelling pics!

thanks for your comments on my blog! yes i agree, these MEN. psh!

meesh said...

also, i hope you feel better soon! a little fresh-ginger tea never hurts nobody..

cocktailoffashion said...

Wow Rebecca, Those Rick Owens (or as you call them the mummy boots!:)) are fab. I can't seem to find them here in London....I am still on the hunt for them!

Enjoy your new purchases honey!


Fashion Is Poison said...

yayyy you updated!!

i LOVE those RO boots!!! where'd you get them btw? i was too late when i went on and them saw flocks of them on ebay for double or even triple the thanks! :P

the givenchy booties are A++


modediktat said...

Hi there!
It's the first time I'm visiting your fabulous blog, I love it!!
First one all off: I hope you're feeling a little bit better now. The changing weather and temperatures are so exhausting this year and I'm feeling not so very well, too.
The Jeffrey Campbell "Ann D." boots are gorgeous, I've seen them on another fashion blog, on Karen's "Where did you get that" you can find the direct link on my blog roll.
The Givenchy boots are awesome or like Lucrecia is saying: A triple A!! Of course the Rick Owens boots are a fantastic find as well - congrats!!!
I'm wishing you all the very best, get well soon!
And have a wonderful and sunny weekend!

Damsels said...

cant wait to see you style those !!!
We Were Damsels

Belowen said...

You NEED to be giving me those Givenchy boots, pronto!!!!!!!

clairegrenade said...

i'm dying from a lack of strappies

too cool,dear

PrincessImp. said...

Everyone, thanks for your get-well wishes. I'm surviving on a diet of chicken soup and Nyquil now...seems like this will have to get worse before it gets better :(

meesh - hey girl, yup ginger tea does help in soothing the cough :)

Lucrecia - I got them from run true to size and I highly recommend getting them because they look so awesome but yet so comfortable!

NICOLE said...

your mummy boots are soooo sick!

Jolie Roux said...

I'm so jealous. You have amazing shoes

Maggie said...

Ur shoes collections are definitely TDF! Drooling over ur Ann D's laceup booties and Givenchy!!

Anonymous said...

ahhh..i snapped up those jeffrey campbells IMMEDIATELY after spotting them on another blog.
they really are the exact same, except they go a bit higher up the leg.

kokopuff said...

Those rick owens boots are my dream boots! And I know how comfy they are, I've tried on several pairs at the RO store. Too bad they never seem to go on sale!

And congrats on grad school, I'll probably be taking that leap in the next couple of years. It'll be hard to go back to studying! I'm sure you'll be fine though.

Gisela said...

OMG! I love those Givenchys! what a buy! and yes, those JC Ann Demeulemeester knock offs are awesome! I ordered them last week and haven't stopped wearing them.. come check me out!

Gisela said...

oops! I just noticed you saw my post on the ann d knox already, but check me out anyways, i'm wearing them with my margiela vest ;-))

Heights of Fashion said...

I want ur RO boots and Givenchys!!! I saw the Givenchys on sale but only size 10...are the Givenchys comfortable?

Muahhhz from NYC, I can't get enough of ur fabulous blog. Gisela and I adding u to our favorite list of blogs.



Anonymous said...

I'm continously drooling over my keyboard... that's it..I can't stop it
Rick O_O