Monday, June 29, 2009

Battle Leather Jacket: Rick Owens vs Yaya Aflalo

First of all, I want to thank the gorgeous Anna from Cocktail of Fashion for her lovely award to me! Thank you so much Anna *virtual hug*! I strongly urge you guys to check out her blog, she has the most beautiful wedding dress that I have ever seen, as well as some of the most inspirational pictures out there!

I finally decided to do a post comparing the classic Rick Owens biker leather jacket vs the Yaya Aflalo vapor leather jacket, as I get quite a number of emails/questions on how they stack up against each other.
(It helps too that I am resting at home today as I have not fully recovered from my cold/cough. If anything in this comparison doesn't make sense, ask me as I am heavily sedated on Theraflu as I am writing this ;))

A picture of the two jackets in question - can you tell which is which???

Answer: Yaya jacket is on the left, the RO is on the right.

Another picture of the two jackets side by side, unzipped:

As you can see the leather on both types of jackets are different. Note though, that I think I have the blistered leather version of the RO jacket, which is meant to look a lot more distressed anyway. But I really love the RO leather, it gets softer and seems to mold to you the more you wear it, it feels more organic and I have no doubts that it will get better with wear. The Yaya leather on the other hand, appears smoother and more uniform..but it's really soft too!

The sleeves on the RO are tighter and mold to the arm more. This is evident in the following picture:

Yaya sleeve on top, RO sleeve below.

As you can see, the RO sleeve is way narrower than the Yaya's. It expands to fit your arm, whereas the Yaya sleeve is wider, though I wonder if this can be mitigated by sizing down one for the Yaya's?

Let's take a look at how the leather jackets drape on a human body, i.e that of yours truly:

I think there's really no clear winner in this "battle", it really depends on what one is looking for, vs the budget that one has. I love my RO because of its drape and the little details that go into it: the silver zippers, the tight ultra-long sleeves and the luxrious lining. But the Yaya jacket is really a good buy for its might lack the details that the RO has, but it does look great nevertheless and does give off that RO vibe!(which to me means skinny sleeves and drapey leather) If anyone is interested, I decided to spring for the RO in the end as I got a chance to purchase it at a really good price, and I feel that it is a worthy investment!

Oh and I didn't caption my last picture in this post. You should be able to tell by now which jacket is which, so quick, which one is the RO in the last picture??


kirstyb said...

I guessed which was which yay me! lol xoxox

PCDE said...
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Sabrina said...

I really like the silver zipper on the RO for some reason. It's definitely a worthy investment.

PCDE said...

love this post! the jackets are so similar once juxtapose them against each other. The silver zipper detail in the RO seems to make all the difference. I prefer the Rick Owens but WOW, Yaya's leather jacket really is a fantastic buy for all it's cut and quality.-Hairin

Girl Interrupted said...

Yep, I agree with the others, the Yaya is a great buy but the RO just has that little bit more of an edge thanks to the detail ... and both look great on you.

Hope you're feeling better soon :) x

Hanh, Life-in-Travel said...

This is great!!love this thing!!!!
I guess RO on the left in the last pic!!let me know if i correct.

I love RO. LOVEEEEEEE....RO!!!!


Damsels said...

both are great i agree
i plan to one day own a rickowens jacket its a must

Tariro said...

Both are AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

ahh, i too tried on the YaYa jacket to satiate my desire for the RO one, but in the end decided to wait until I can buy the RO. it was really hard though!

A.L.C (avail at intermix) also makes a dupe!

Cocktailoffashion said...

Hi lovely, hope you feel better soon!

I like both the jackets but for me RO has to be my number one choice.

(blog answer) I never used to be in to color until recently! You should start slowly and eventually you will be a pro at wearing all these bright colours!

I really hope you get well soon honey.


Belowen said...

I didn't guess... Oops! lol. I really want a leather jacket, and have been eyeing some Rick Owens styles... What is the sizing like? True to size?

Oh Dear Charlotte said...

i am sooooooooooooooo jealous of the rick owens. (clearly on the left) :)

The Divinitus said...

ro on the left :D

Great post!

Cecilia said...

Wow! Thanks for the comparison / review :) It was so helpful. I can definitely tell the difference now that I see them next to each other. I'm loving the details on the RO. Perfect! <3

Maggie said...

Thanks for sharing, i love both jackets! But i would be a bit more biased on the RO's.
I guess the one on the left is RO?!!

chauss said...

lol. i have both of these jackets too. i never wear the yaya but the price was too good not to buy...
i always think i should put it on ebay, but i really like. just usually reach for one of my 2 ro jackets ..

PrincessImp. said...

All of you got it right. The RO jacket is on the left in the last picture!

Belowen - the RO biker jacket tends to run small, so I sized up one for this design.

chauss - I am going through the same struggle too. I think I really should put the yaya jacket on ebay but I really really like the yaya jacket too, despite the fact that I have the RO as well. :P

jules said...

very interesting. the quality on the ro is undeniable though
definitely a lifetime piece

Natida Erin said...

nice! where did you manage to get the RO at a good price for?

Mare said...

nice comparison. i prefer the RO jacket worn open :)

Anonymous said...

I'd take either one!!! But give me the RO! lol!

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Jeff said...

I really like the silver zipper on the RO for some reason.
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