Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Fireworks at Laguna Beach

Fireworks at Laguna Beach!

It finally feels like summer has come to SoCal - how has everyone's Independence Day weekend been so far?

KL and I finally caught Transformers 2 and I must say that I enjoyed the movie tremendously, despite the lackluster reviews going around. The movie is a pure summer pop-corn flick, just don't expect anything too cerebral and enjoy it for what it is! We caught Transformers 1 during the 4th July weekend 2 years ago so this has definitely become a July 4th movie series for us.

We went to Laguna Beach today to catch the fireworks's always interesting to watch the sky fill up with light and colours and to hear the fireworks fizzle across the sky and explode.

I'll be going back to Singapore for a month and a half, just to bum around before school starts. I hope to have time to post some more, before I fly back on July 10th.

Enjoy the rest of your July 4th weekend! :D


Maggie said...

Happy 4th July to u!! Glad u had a good time and the sparkly firework pic looks pretty awesome!
I will definitely try to meet u up in Singapore if i happen to be in town in August (for my tooth implant appointment), i haven't confirmed anything yet. Will see!! :)

Girl Interrupted said...

Happy 4th of July! :)

Have a lovely time in Singapore and be sure to take loads of pictures with which to drive us all into an envious frenzy ;)

Ps: I can't wait to see the Transformers movie, I really liked the first one

diane said...

I was really surprised by how good Transformers 1 was, so I'm really looking forward to 2.
I used to have a perfume called Laguna Moon, inspired by Laguna Beach. It was my favorite, and I've never been able to find it since. sigh.
Have fun in Singapore. xo

Velony said...

Rebecca, I'm going to miss your posts while you are away so make sure to take loads of pics from Singapore. Have a safe trip and a good time :-)

P.S.: I caved in and got the RO "mummy" wedge boots too. Don't hate me but they were on sale and the only pair left in my size so it was clearly a sign ;-)

Fashion Is Poison said...


the YSLs run a whole size small ;)q

PrincessImp. said...

Hey Maggie - definitely! If you are in Singapore then, why not ;)

GirlI - be prepared...Singapore is a foodie paradise! (at least to me...)

diane - that perfume name is beautiful and I can imagine why it's your favourite. Boo that you can't find it anymore! :(

Velony - I'll probably still be blogging back in Singapore...very curious to see what my trip back home will bring in terms of blog posts!
Congrats on getting those RO IS a sign ;)

chauss said...

fabulous outfit, top and shoes..............:)