Monday, July 06, 2009


ann demeulemeester s/s 09 wrap top

Wearing Ann D white wrap top, American Apparel tank, Zara drop-crotch pants and Rick Owens wedges.

Whoever came out with transformable clothing is a genius!

This is the first time that my Ann Demeulemeester wrap top from S/S 09 makes its appearance on my blog. There are so many conceivable ways to wear this top and the three examples that I have shown are only the tip of the iceberg!
I probably change the way I tie the top every time I use the washroom (TMI much :D???)

And the Rick Owens mummy the risk of sounding like a broken record, I just can't get over how comfortable they are, vs. their height!


The Divinitus said...

Boo, I completely like it, and want it :)

PrincessImp. said...

^We could work out some clothes rental have quite a few things I covet too ;)

The Divinitus said...

Giggles ;D

LACY said...

I love love LOVE that top and your blog is gorgeous! :)

diane said...

That wrap top is glamorous. I love it.

Your hair looks so pretty.

word ver. - supfl - fast way of saying supah fly, like those shoes are so supah fly. Unless it's a quick sneeze & a sniffle.

Damsels said...

wow it looks really nice,

i wish i could see laid out

my favorite is the last

Luna Supernova said...

Ooohh I love that top, versatile clothing is seriously ace! And the shoes too. sigh.

Mara said...

Amazing outfit, you have great style. The Rick Owen wedges kill me, I just love them.

Velony said...

That top is fab. I like versatile pieces.
Yeah, finally the RO boots in action. Glad to hear that they are so comfy. Can't wait to get them.

Eden said...

babe, you always have the sickest RO stuff! i SO envy you. sigh. those shoes are no exception.. you are rockin it so much! and thanks for the really nice thoughts on my blog re the haters. dont we all hate them back? haha.

much love


[LA] said...


Maggie said...

Such a value piece, i love the 1st take! Those RO's wedges certainly don't look very tall though, btw, u r a clean freak like me. Due to hygienic reason, I can't bear taking indoor pics with shoes on too!
Have a safe and fun trip back home!;)

cocktailoffashion said...

Wow Rebecca, I love this entire look! that Ann D wrap top and the RO wedges are just FAB!

Hope you have been ok honey!


kirstyb said...

Loving the top its perfect! I shall be following your blog to see what other lovely pieces you come up with xoxox

PrincessImp. said...

Thank you everyone for stopping by and your nice words :)

diane - I'm planning to cut my hair soon though..not that most blog readers can tell since I hardly show my face, but the ends are a little fried and maybe it's time for a new hairstyle to make my "re-birth" as a student.

Damsels - argh I need to work on my photography skils... ;)

Eden - hi babe! I had problems commenting on your blog before, but finally figured out what was the problem on my side!

Maggie - Yes, I can be very particular about some wearing shoes indoors. It's fine if they are brand new and have never been worn outside before but I can't stand it if it's been worn outside...great eyes on catching the paper :P

Hey Anna, much much better now...been drinking copious amounts of oj for the past few days :)

Frou Flu said...

that top is awesome and your shoes are killer! i am crazy over those... wow... i love them. thank you for the comments on my blog!:)

meesh said...

omg those RO boots! LOVE!!!! you have a sweet shoe collection!

elsalvador said...

This outfit is so perfect.

Jessie77 said...

I love it all! the top the jealous..great outfit!!!

Brigadeiro said...

SO SO jealous! LOVE that Ann D top! ;)

Style and beyond said...

hello from NY! blog-hopping and found you! i think you look cute and funny -- and i love your "treasures" esp. those RO mummy boots!! :)

hope you stop by ours,

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

that's a great top - i love it when you can get some additional mileage out of a piece.
as for the rick owens are a lucky gal!

Legyviel said...

ahhh i've seen the pics on TFS.. Love the whole outfit! if only i could afford rick owens i'd buy those shoesies asap :P enjoy your time (and food) in Singapore!

Anonymous said...

Can I steal this, honestly? It's amazing the draping on that Ann D top...

Obviously jealous of your clothes.

Hanh, Life-in-Travel said...

I deeply in love the Rick Owens shoes!!!

your Ann D top is awesome!!

Ann D meet RO is intensely awesome cool!!!


Ashley said...

I looove the wrap top and the wedges are amazing. such a good outfit.

Deine kleine Schwester said...

Hey Rebecca,
I hope all is well, honey!
WOW - this look is so adorable! Your Ann Demeulemeester top is to knee down! And here they are again - the magnificents RO booties!
Have a great week!!
xoxo, Sofie

Girl Interrupted said...

You have such great taste, and you wear the clothes in such an effortlessly chic way!


Oh my gosh
I totally love it and you could pull it off.

i recommend
have fun^^

Gold Sphere said...

I love the wrap top on you and you wear it perfectly.

I also love the trousers, who makes them?

I have a new blog.

The search for chic

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

I enjoyed so much to see all your photos!!!

And these Rick Owens wedges are 2die4!!!

CC said...

The wedges are so beyond cute!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the way you've mixed up such amazing designer pieces, RO and Ann are two of my most favorite designers, oh my god you are SO lucky to have those shoes and that top, they're both so awesome, and I think it's ingenious how you can wear the top in so many ways just by wrapping it up in another new way ....I am drooling over my keyboard here...... lovely !!!!!

visionaire said...

soooo jealous of that outfit!!