Thursday, July 09, 2009

Schwing Schwing!

I was surfing the net, link-jumping from one to another, when I chanced upon this webshop named Schwing Schwing. Remember this Margiela skirt from Jak&Jil?:
 margiela Zipper Skirt

This is Schwing Schwing's take on it:
Schwing schwing zipper skirt

Schwing Schwing's version does look good and at a mere fraction of the Margiela, it's a piece that's worth buying if you are looking for the look, but may not want to pay the price. The styling of its website really leans towards the "model-off-duty-A-Wang" look, but I found some pieces which I think are more my cup of tea. For example this black dress, which reminds me of a certain Canadian brand specializing in complex geometrical tees;) :
Schwing schwing blck dress complexgeometries

This black vest is filled with lots of random drape and tie potential:
Schwingx2 black vest

The most awesome thing (to me anyway) is that this website is from Singapore, so there's a tad, ok tons of, national pride here! The prices are also really good (read: reborn student on a budget here!), think Forever 21-level but with a more interesting selection. They ship internationally I think, but I'll check out Schwing Schwing in further detail when I am back in Singapore..maybe I can save on the shipping costs?

And, totally random, but I suddenly have it in my mind to get a bear tee:
bear tee

Also, I'll like to announce that this is my first blog post on my new Macbook Pro:
apple macbook pro 13

Yesssss... happy cows at the National Mall on my desk-top :)


diane said...

Their stuff is really cute.
Is that Scott Schuman in the first photo? I think so.
I have a thing about cows, especially in paintings.

gennie said...

that bear shirt is so cuuuuttteeee!
p.s. macbook pros are the best!

Maggie said...

Thanks for the link, i love the skirt but i m a bad late as they have run out of stock! They have quite a good selections of clothings though!

deep_in_vogue said...

I want that Bear T!!

threadzeppelin said...

love your blog! schwing schwing website is awesome. thanks for introducing me.

H said...

I bought the CG-esque piece this morning, and am already tempted by some of their other pieces! I'm going to wait to receive it before putting in another order, but the prices are very friendly for students :) You can always ask about back-ordering the skirt once you are there, they seem to do it once in a while.

kirstyb said...

Great post xoxox

PrincessImp. said...

diane - can't tell if that's Scott Schuman..I love my current wallpaper, just struck by the total randomness of the topic. Cows are such gentle creatures... I am trying my best to give up hamburgers because of them.

gennie - hey thanks for stopping by, I'm a big fan of ur blog!

Maggie - strangely when I saw the zipper skirt I thought of'll really work on you cos of ur physique and legs that go on forever! ;)

deep-in-vogue - ha! the bear tee is almost as cute as your avatar!

threadzepplin - thanks for visiting, do stop by more often :D

H - glad to be of service! I already have a few pieces from complexgeometries, but definitely interested to see what else schwing schwing has to offer!

kirsty - thanks girl :)

Belowen said...

Ooh, I'm going to keep an eye out for SS when I'm in Singapore!

cocktailoffashion said...

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for introducing me to schwing schwing website..will have a little browse later.

P.S still not trying colours? :)

Wishing you a happy weekend!


Petite Esthète said...

love the zipper skirt, totally something i would wear :)

Anonymous said...

i love that zipped black skirt in the first photo!xx

Style and beyond said...

love them zip!! :)


Girl Interrupted said...

Oooh ... you find the best stuff! I seriously want that little black skirt and dress!!

Also totally jealous of the Mac Book Pro ... I'm pouting and everything :P

Ashley said...

Love your outfits, espesh the first one!!