Thursday, April 21, 2005

The convertible skirt/dress

This convertible skirt/dress from Cool Change is well, cool.
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Worn as a skirt:
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Spotted on many celebs, I was nevertheless intrigued by it when I saw it at while I was surfing the web.
The beading looks exquisite and the dual purpose of this clothing makes it a worthwhile buy. However international shipping charges are expensive, I will probably hold this off till my next trip to SoCal, if it is still available. Another concern that I have is that this skirt/dress seems sheer, especially the white one. But out of all the colours, I am in love with the white one.

I have also spotted another gorgeous skirt/dress creation by Matthew Williamson:
Matthew Williamson beaded cotton maxi skirt, net-a-porter

It should be pretty easy to create this look as long as you have the correct type of skirt. A maxi skirt is probably the best bet, while shorter skirts can be belted to be worn as a top, tunic-style. Worn as a top, the skirt/dress should be accessorised with layers of necklaces/beads, maybe wooden bangles or cuffs and it can worn with a shrug or bolero.


Megs said...

Stupid comment but... would you have to be really skinny to pull that off?? I kinda really really want one!!

PrincessImp said...

Well, I guess you don't have to be really skinny to pull it off. I have seen it on some girls of average build and I think they look good. I guess you have got to choose the right size such that the dress does not cause bunch up the flesh around the chest/armpit area.