Friday, December 25, 2009

Food fun and pictures galore! Vegas Dec 2009

My finals were over 2 weeks ago and I should be updating this blog obessively. But something happened that I'm not ready to blog about...before I received the news, KL and I managed to go on our annual get-away to Vegas. We always tell ourselves to go somewhere that we have never gone before and were debating between visiting friends in Seattle or Dallas..but somehow in the end we always end up in Vegas at the end of the year! We are definitely creatures of habit, I guess!

Unfortunately the drive to Vegas this time wasn't as magical as last year's. I swear, a layer of snow over anything just makes any place a gazillion times more beautiful..though I could be biased as I haven't seen snow that much in my life :) Before the Big Sur fire, KL and I used to drive up Highway 1 frequently - I love the ocean and the views along Highway 1 is easily one of the most breath-taking, but sometimes the desert just provides a desolate beauty that's all its own...

Las Vegas desert

The view from outside my hotel room, Vegas is really a city made for the night.

MGM Grand hotel view las vegas

Coincidentally, the latest development on the Strip, CityCenter was slated to open on the very first night that we arrived. Yes, there's a lot of noise about how CityCenter will be the savior of the Strip, despite its involvement with Dubai World and lackluster condo sales. But it's something totally new, so my husband and I had to check it out.

Strolling along the overhead bridge that near CityCenter, the cold weather was a good time to bring out my favourite Ann D multi-lace boots again.

outfit post ann demeuleemester boots zara coat miu miu coffer aoyama itchome
Wearing Aoyama Itchome dress, Zara coat, Falke leggings, Ann Demeulemeester boats and Miu Miu Coffer.

An interior view of Crystals, the retail center of CityCenter.

crystals citycenter interior

Most of the shops are not fully open yet, but there's a Lanvin store that's slated to open in 2010 - I'm really excited about that, even though I don't see myself spending money there any time soon ;)

Me fooling around with the signage outside the Lanvin store..hey it featured an Alber Elbaz illustration! Hmm..I am such a fashion nerd :p

outfit post rick owens ann d boots skirt
Wearing Rick Owens leather jacket, F21 grey sweater, Ann D skirt and boots, Miu Miu Coffer.

The next day, KL and I ate at the Vegas outpost of Pink's, which is a hot-dog institution in L.A! It was our brunch so we decided to go for the works! At the bottom is the Mushroom Swiss Cheese dog, the name itself is pretty much indicative of what's inside. At the top was...hmm, the Mojave Desert dog? I'm not too sure about the name, but there comes a point where a hot dog stops being a hot dog and becomes a personal challenge...this hot dog was definitely that! A giant spicy Polish dog with jalapenos, salsa, guacamole, melted Swiss Cheese....hmmm the calories are definitely worth it!

pink's hotdogs

KL and I also tried a new restaurant at Atria, the casino-hotel at CityCenter. There were so many choices but we only had one night, so we ended up going with Sage. Sage is a restaurant owned by Shawn McClain and markets its cuisine as "contemporary American". I'm never one to care about how my food is categorized, as long as it's great I'm happy! In this case I can honestly declare myself one happy customer! KL and I had a great time at Sage, our server was great and the meal started off well with an amuse-bouche from the chef. Unfortunately though it was really pretty, KL and I wolfed it down immediately, so no pictures! But I do remember tasting artichoke and foam :p

We got to choose from two types of bread, a bacon baguette and sour-dough baguette which we could dip into Australian sea-salt and house-whipped butter.

sage sea salt butter

KL and I wanted to try as much of the menu as we reasonably could but there was no tasting we ordered 2 appetizers and one entree to share.

Appetizer 1...Escargot and Pork Belly Agnolotti.

sage escargot pork belly angolotti

The green foam that you see is actually parsley, blended with red wine sauce. I tried the escargot and agnolotti but not the pork belly. KL absolutely loved the mouth melting texture of the pork belly, I loved how the agnolotti complemented the escargot and the sauce and everything was tied nicely together with a taste of citrus..I suspect lemon?

Appetizer 2..Pacific Yellowtail Crudo.

sage hamachi yellowtail crudo

This was my absolute favourite of the night! I loved it so much that if I had to choose one dish to eat for the rest of my life, this would be it! The dish contained hamachi slices which were so fine and light that it made for really great sashimi, with pine nuts, mushrooms and truffles that grounded the dish with its earthy flavor. The dish contained a yuzu sauce which worked surprisingly well with the nuts and mushrooms..I think this dish really brought the best of the earth and the sea together.

Entree..Roasted Day Boat Scallops.

sage roasted day boat scallops

I love scallops and I liked this dish. However after tasting the inventiveness of the 2 appetizers, I really wish the dish was wittier. The scallops acquitted themselves competently as a dish, though I felt that the red wine sauce might have been a little strong for the scallops, but it's a good dish nonetheless. However the red wine sauce did work beautifully with the oxtail, which was braised to perfection.

After that it was time for the sweet stuff. Sage offered a selection of pastries and dessert wines, but we decided to try the pastries instead. KL and I ordered 2 desserts to share...though I highly suspect that in the end, I ate most of them ;)

Warm sugared beignets with jasmine tea cider.

sage sugared beignets

I have to say I am not a cinnamon fan, but this was good. The pairing of the jasmine tea cider with the beignet was clever as it balanced out the overt sweetness of the beignets. I loved the bitter sourness of the jasmine tea cider, the delicate scent of jasmine was really comforting.

Malted Valrhona Milk Chocolate Dome.

sage chocolate dome

Dessert is truly not dessert with something chocolate :) The butterscotch foam and nuts went well with the chocolate dome and it provided a sweet ending to my meal, but overall I wished the desserts were able to delight me as much as the entrees. To end the meal, KL and I were given orange chocolate syrup, compliments of the chef. It really felt like we were drinking hot chocolate, with the aroma of orange coming in later as an after-taste. It was a great ending to a fun meal.

And to all, a very Merry Christmas and a


Take Care! :)


inaya said...

hey love!!! love the ann D. skirt :)

hope you'll have an amazing holiday and all the best for 2010.


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Still can't enough of those RO jacket and Ann D's boots. Have a safe trip and happy holidays! =)

diane said...

I forgot about your "new" hair, you look fab!
You would think that I'd be full after stuffing myself with turkey all day, but your photos are making me drool.
When you are ready to "talk about it", I hope that you can trust in us. Part of the reason we are here is to offer support. Hugs. xo d

style, substance & sutton said...

I just found your blog & I am in love! So happy to see that you too love Ann D & Rick Owens... my two faves!

Take Care!

simplysxn said...

omggg... ur boots are so nice.!!
i cant find much variety here thou..

Nina said...

I'm beyond jealous over your Ann Demeulemeester boots!

Anonymous said...

Ann D boots + Miu Miu bag + delicious food?= Awesome post!!! You look great! I can't blame you Vegas is awesome! I am obsessed with getting a miu miu bag. I have the bow bag, but I don't find it very practical. Anyway, you look great!

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hi girl, happy 2010!

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love the pic of u next to the heart! so cute!

and i have to agree w/ur thoughts on wong kar wai. his older work is a lot better. i was disappointed w/2046 (tho i did like the concept) and my blueberry nights. BUT the soundtrack is awesome. haha

Nina (Femme Rationale) said...

OH. and happy new year!!! i got ur msge on tfs but i couldn't reply cuz each time i log in, it makes my browser get all psycho. so i have to browse as a guest. :( anyway, here's to a fab 2010 for you! xoxo

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Cute blog!
loveeee it!

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Gong Xi Fa Cai! Looking forward to more updates from u.