Friday, March 05, 2010

Hazard and Raisin

This post brings good news and bad news.

Good news: I adopted another bunny!
Some of you might remember that I'm already a bunny owner from this post.
So, please meet Hazard, the latest addition to my family!

Hazard Lionhead bunny

Hazard's a 4-month old Lionhead that I adopted from a rabbit rescue when I boarded my bunnies with them. The rescue's a no-kill shelter and from what I can see, it's run extremely well by people who know what they are doing and who cares. So, if you think you can make a long-term commitment to a bunny, please check them out!

Bad news: Raisin just passed away today. :`(
She was having a case of runny stools yesterday, but I thought I'll self-medicate and feed her some of Tobey's medication. She seemed slightly better last night and was moving around. However, I was obviously wrong, because she took a turn for the worse this morning and collapsed in her litter pan. She cried just before she passed away and I think it's probably the saddest thing that I had to hear.....

I console myself by saying that at least she didn't have to suffer for long and she had a good 3 years with us. Plus she did get to spend the last few weeks of her life with Hazard, who treated her and Tobey like his Mummy and Daddy.

Happy times - Tobey, Hazard and Raisin

Rest in peace, Ray-ray, I'll miss you <3


diane said...

That is the saddest thing that I have heard today.
Thank you for sharing with us, you are very brave. xo d

Julia M said...

That's so sad to hear. I'm glad it wasn't traumatic though :)

PrincessImp. said...

Thanks for the comforting words ladies. Good thing is that other 2 bunnies seem okay, if a bit subdued. :)

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Oh, I´m so very sorry to hear!!!!
Thinking of you!!!

HeadOverHeelz said...

Sorry about the loss :( Hope u r well!

inaya said...

aww... RIP Raisin. how awfully sad. :(

But I hope you are enjoying the other bunnies, they're adorable as well.


PrincessImp. said...

Thanks Maggie and Inaya.
I am now trying to spend more time with my other bunnies, especially Tobey. He's so special to me because he's my first bunny. I pick them up and hug them a lot but I don't think they enjoy that much :p

Legyviel said...

^lol. so sorry to hear that dear. Love the name Hazard!

PrincessImp. said...

^Hazard's my name and danger's my game! ;)